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How To Treat White Hair

Ways To Treat White Hair

[toc]White hair tends to occur because your hair stops producing melanin. The age that a person gets white hair is determined by hereditary factors, diet, stress and other lifestyle patterns.

The hair contains dead cells so if they turn white, it is impossible to reverse their color. Premature greying has become very common these days because of a number of factors in today’s world like pollution, poor diets, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

You can prevent the occurrence of white hair by a number of ways. Try to avoid artificial methods like dyeing your hair because that will cause more damage than good. Here are some :

7 Effective Ways To Treat White Hair


Indian gooseberry or amla is a perfect remedy to prevent white hair. Make a paste of fresh amla and apply it on the hair.

Gooseberry For White Hair

Massage it properly so that it reaches your roots. If fresh amla isn’t available, try mixing amla powder with equal amount of water and massage it on your scalp. You can also use amla hair oil because it is equally effective.

Black Tea

It is great for the scalp and to prevent white hair. Take some black tea without any milk or sugar and apply it on your scalp.

Leave it there for about an hour and then wash it away with warm water and a mild shampoo. This will form the black coating over your hair and hide the white colour.

Black Tea To Prevent White Hair


Oiling your hair regularly is very important and a good prevention against white hair. You can use coconut oil which is essential for the nutrition of your hair.

Add a dash of lime juice into it to prevent or slowing down of the greying process. You can also use almond oil instead of coconut oil. Vegetable oil could be equally effective.

Oiling Your Hairs To Treat White Hair

Sea Food And Nuts

Fish and other sea food contain agents that enhance the melanin production of your hair. For preventing and slowing down the greying, you could consume a healthy sea food diet but avoid frozen fish or canned products because they contain preservatives. You can eat nuts like almonds which contain a good amount of copper.

Sea Food And Nuts For White Hair

Avoid Junk Food

Stay away from junk foods because they contain a lot of preservatives and lack essential nutrients like iodine and copper that are useful in the healthy growth of your hair.

Avoid Junk Food To Treat White Hair

Curry Leaves

You can mix some curry leaves in coconut oil and boil the mixture. After cooling down, apply this mixture on your hair and massage slowly. It is great to prevent white hair.

You could soak ribbed gourd in coconut oil for about 3 days and then boil it. Afterwards, apply it on the scalp.

Curry Leaves For White Hair

Walking On Grass

Walk bare foot on the grass early in the morning. Walking barefoot tends to release endorphins which are essential in healthy growth of hair and prevent early greying. They act as acupuncture points as well.Don’t panic if you notice white hair because stress is a major factor in triggering grey hair.

Try to relax and avoid stress in your life. Make time for yourself and do the things that you feel interested in. A healthy diet and a stress free life is very important to prevent the occurrence of white hair.

Walk On Grass To Treat White Hair

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