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7 Natural Cures For White Hair

Natural Cures For White Hair

[toc]In a lot of cases, the hair tends to lose its color and thus turn white also known as grey is real terms. This is one major crisis that is not only faced by people who have aged to a certain level but also for the young generation. There can be a lot of factors, internal and external that is associated with white hair but then lifestyle is one of the major ones.

On the other hand, instead of cribbing over the occurrence of grey hair well before age, it is best to adhere to some well reviewed natural cures that can help in getting back the natural color and treat white hair. These have to be followed on a routine basis to get perfect results in hand. Check them out below and make a pick of 1-2 to trigger the process.

Best Natural Cures For White Hair

Careful And Balanced Diet

To ensure that the treatment of the white hair comes from internal functioning, you need to carefully balance the diet and include all the important nutrients in the right amounts. Herein, it is very important to take care of the meals that you eat all throughout the day. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Balanced Diet For White Hair

Foods rich in protein will treat as well as prevent the whitening of the hair. Eat soy, meat, sprouted grains as well as cereals to see visible effects. Vitamin A and B as well as iron and minerals are also needed in sufficient amounts to treat graying. Tomatoes, cauliflower, yellow fruits, yeast, yogurt, eggs, red meat, parsley, sunflower seeds and wheat is recommended for the purpose.

Coconut Oil Treatment

All you need to do is take some good quality coconut oil and massage it well on the scalp as well as the hair strands at night before going off to sleep. This can be easily washed with a mild shampoo the next day.

Follow this natural remedy at least once to twice in a week to treat white hair issues perfectly. It is known to have good amounts of nutrients for the hair that can also prevent further issues of white hair.

Coconut Oil To Cure White Hair

Cow Milk’s Butter

The homemade white butter that is usually extracted from the fat of the cow’s milk is one of the best natural ingredients known to give perfect outcomes on the white hair.

This should be applied on the scalp and left for about 2-3 hours or overnight. You can follow it by proper wash with a good shampoo. This natural cure is supposed to be done at least 2 times in a week for right outcomes.

Cow Milk’s Butter For White Hair

Have Plenty Of Liquids

Water is one of the best natural cures for innumerable diseases, conditions and infections. This list also includes the treatment of white hair in one of the simplest ways. All you need to do is include 10 glasses of plain and filtered water in the daily routine.

This will hydrate the follicles and regulate its functions. It will ensure that the hair retains back its natural shade and do not turn white. It is both a top notch cure and prevention. Herbal teas and fresh fruits juices can also be taken for triggering the outcomes.

Water Helps To Cure White Hair


As one of the best and the most efficient remedies for white hair, Indian Gooseberry deserves to be in your list of therapies you are planning to follow. Cut small pieces and dry it in the sun before grinding it into fine powder.

This powder should be mixed with coconut oil and applied on the scalp and hair for the results. This scalp treatment should be followed regularly for perfect outcomes in hand.

Gooseberry For White Hair

Curry Leaves Effects

Along with prevention of white hair, curry leaves it known to provide those nutrients to the scalp that regulates the functions of the follicles and thus treat the existing grey hair strands.

It can either be included in the dishes that are being prepared at home or else you can add the curry leaves to the coconut oil and heat it for a while. Apply this while massaging the scalp to get best results.

Curry Leaves For White Hair

Amaranth Advantage

A good way to treat premature whitening of hair is the usage of amaranth. The fresh leaves of this vegetable should be taken and made into a paste while taking out the extract.

This can be evenly applied on the scalp to restore the color of the hair and cure the whiteness. Amaranth leaves can also be boiled in water and this can be cooled to room temperature before using on the scalp to get the results on the white hair.

Amaranth Helps To Treat White Hair

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