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5 Few Effective Ways To Prevent Grey Hair

Ways To Prevent Grey Hair

[toc]Greying of hair is normal with age as it regarded by many as the signs of wisdom. But premature greying of hair is not good as it is mostly caused due to certain physical deficiencies. These days there are many people who suffer from premature greying of hair which make them look much older than their actual age.Some say greying of hair is caused due to hereditary reasons, while others say it is due to lack of nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle.

Whatever the cause may be it is important to prevent greying of hair from beforehand.Though nowadays there are various beauty products available that prevent greying of hair but it is important to use natural home remedies rather than using these products as these products often contains chemicals which are harmful for the hair. Below are few effective home remedies to prevent grey hair.

5 Best  Effective Ways To Prevent Grey Hair

Eat A Healthy Diet With Lots Of Fresh Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables For Grey Hair

It is very important to maintain a healthy diet and eat lots of fresh green vegetables in order to prevent grey hair. Fresh green and especially leafy vegetables are very good to prevent greying. Even green algae like spirulina and chlorella are also recommended for effective prevention against greying. The green leafy vegetables are very healthy and also help people to retain their vigour and youthfulness and prevent greying of hair.

Apply Mixture Of Curry Leaves And Almond Oil

Almond Oil For Grey Hair

Mixture of curry leaves and almond oil is very effective for preventing greying of hair. In a pot add little water, few curry leaves and little almond oil and boil for some time. After the boiling is completed leave the mixture to become cool. After the mixture is cooled down gently massage it into the roots of your hair. Apply this mixture every alternate day regularly as this would rejuvenate your hair, promote hair growth and prevent greying completely.

Rinse Hair With Black Tea

Black Tea For Grey Hair

Rinsing your hair with black tea is a very effective way to prevent greying of hair. Rinse your hair at least once a week with brewed black tea with a pinch of table salt added to it. This rinse is very effective as it prevents hair from turning grey and also the existing grey hair becomes lighter and less noticeable.

Massage Hair With Amla And Cocunut Oil

Massage For Grey Hair

Hair massage using amla and coconut oil is very effective for preventing greying. Massage the scalp gently with amla and coconut oil at least thrice a week as it stimulates hair growth as well as prevents greying. Moreover this massage also helps to improve the overall health of the hair and makes it look black and lustrous.

Apply Mixture Of Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice

Cocunut Oil For Grey Hair

A mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is very effective for preventing greying of hair. For the best results you need to mix a few drops of lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and gently massage the scalp and the roots of the hair. After a good massage leave the oil in your scalp for about 30 minutes so that it gets absorbed by the hair properly. After this gently wash away the oil with a mild shampoo.

You should do this massage at least twice a week regularly to receive the best results.If you follow these home remedies regularly and maintain a proper healthy diet and a lifestyle then you would be able to prevent greying of hair completely.