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5 Essential Herbal Remedies For Hair Growth

Herbal Remedies For Hair Growth

[toc]A dense foliage of black hair is that ultimate touch on the subtle feminine canvas without which her beauty would have remained incomplete. Men too crave to have a nice and black headful of hair. Albeit men have options; they can even do without hair. Some men are even going bald these days. However, for women there is no dichotomy.

Either you have a nice hair or you do not have it. So you strive to get it. But you may not be one of those who are gifted with a nicely growing hair. Alternatively, you may have had it, but the growth has suddenly stunted. You may even be facing hair loss. You need treatment, but modern lines of treatment for hair growth are awfully inadequate, and may give rise to side effects. It is better to search for your remedies in the herbal world. There are a lot of them. Let us discuss a few.

5 Herbal Remedies For Hair Growth


Onion For Hair Growth

Onion has been used since ancient times to treat hair woes. It contains a lot of sulphur compounds. Sulphur is essential for production of collagen tissue which surrounds the strands of hair. Lack of growth in hair may be due to lack of collagen production. This can be remedied with onion. For using onion juice up some onion and massage it thoroughly on the scalp. With regular use hair growth will get a boost.


Fenugreek For Hair Growth

Sometimes hair growth gets stunted due to deposit of a byproduct of testosterone metabolism known as dihydrotestosterone. This covers the hair follicles and prevents nutrients from reaching the root of hair. In order to give impetus to hair growth you need to remove this coating.

This can be done with fenugreek. Fenugreek has a cleansing action on the skin and scalp. So simmer some fenugreek seeds in water for around 10 minutes. Now cool it and mash the seeds. Wash your hair with the extract and massage the scalp with the mashed item. With regular application your hair will start to grow again.

Caynne Pepper

Caynne Pepper For Hair Growth

This hot spice has the ability to stimulate blood circulation. Increased blood circulation helps to deliver the nutrients to the tresses more efficiently. This stimulates hair growth. So caynne pepper can be one of the remedies for hair growth.

To get the best out of it mix one teaspoon of caynne pepper with two teaspoon of olive oil. Olive oil is a great carrier of nutrients. It is anti-inflammatory in nature too. So apply this mixture on your scalp thoroughly. This may restore hair growth to some extent.


Alfalfa For Hair Growth

The leaves of this herb contain a methylsulfonylmethanem. It has been seen that this compound boosts the production of keratin. Keratin is an essential protein compound in hair.

Without adequate amounts of keratin your hair is not likely to grow. Moreover, this compound, methylsulfonylmethanem, helps in strengthening the hair follicles. So alfalfa leaves can be of real benefit when you are suffering from lack of hair growth. Do take this regularly.


Rosemary For Hair Growth

This herb has a special characteristic. It aids in enhancing blood circulation in the scalp. Increased blood circulation in the scalp can increase the availability of blood to the roots of hair. This may be able to send more nutrients to your tresses which are suffering from a lack of nutrition. So massage your scalp with rosemary infused olive or coconut oil. You will be benefited.

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