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5 Natural Cures For Loose Motion

Natural Cure To Loose Motion

[toc]Loose motions usually occur when there is a problem in the digestive system. It is one of the most commonly occurring problems in humans and this is not only restricted to adults but also to infants and children.

Though, it is not a serious health hazard, it is definitely an ailment that dehydrates the body and causes weakness along with cramps and pain. The best decision to make here is to adhere to some natural cures that can provide instant relief and slowly treat the loose, watery bowels without much effort. The guide below is there to help you out with successful ideas in this field:

5 Best Natural Cures For Loose Motion

Have One Guava A Day

Guava To Reduce Loose Motion

A guava a day keeps loose motions away. This is the new mantra for those who are suffering from the crisis. According to researchers, having one guava daily will treat the problem in a natural and affordable manner.

It helps in binding the stools and also provides relief from the cramps. The best that can be done here is to follow the treatment on a routine basis till the ailment subsides.

Lemon, Sugar And Salt Combo

Salt To Reduce Loose Motion

Another way to get relief from the stomach cramps and uneasiness along with gradual cure for loose motions is to have a tasty combination of lemon, salt and sugar. Take a glass of water and squeeze a fresh lemon in it.

To this add about 2-3 tablespoon salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Along with putting a stop to the loose motions it also helps in providing energy to the body. This is one home remedy that is 100 percent natural and safe.

Pomegranate Peel

Pomegranate Peel To Reduce Loose Motion

Take out the peel of a fresh pomegranate and make it into powder by drying it out in the sun. It can directly be blended as well if powder is not available. Mix it properly with a bowl of yogurt and consume it 1-2 times in a day. This is one of the efficient natural cures that top the list for giving visible outcomes in hand.

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Apple To Reduce Loose Motion

There is a unique way in which apple helps in treatment of loose motion. It is to be cut and then left it in the fridge for about 20-25 minutes. This should be kept till the time the apple turns its color to brown.

Once that is done, consume it. It is bound to help you in stopping liquid bowels and treat the problem from the root. Follow it each day till you completely get freedom from the issue.

Have Some Healthy Liquids

Yogurt To Reduce Loose Motion

Prepare a drink by mixing salt, yogurt, water and some cumin seeds powder. Now drink this delicious liquid at least once everyday. Make sure the ingredients are churned properly to get best outcomes. It fights the accumulated bacteria in the intestines that are the main cause of loose motions. It is recommended that one consumed it at least 3-4 times in a day.

Herein, carrot soup is another one that tops the list. It has loads of minerals and is known to fight off the dehydration from the body. It leads to prevention of vomiting and also combats inflammation of the intestines. Killing the harmful germs is another of the advantages that comes along.

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