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Adenoiditis Causes That Should Be Kept In Mind

[toc]Before getting deep into knowing the causes of adenoiditis, it is important to have a very clear idea about adenoids. The lymph tissues found in the pharynx that is located behind the nasal area of the body are known as adenoids and their job is to help the body in fighting off infections of several kinds.


They serve as defense tools for the throat and are accompanied by the tonsils in carrying out this job. There are several important roles that are played by these tissues in protecting the body from any sort of infection. The inflammation or the swelling of the adenoids is a condition known as adenoiditis and the main adenoiditis causes have been enumerated below:

5 Adenoiditis Causes

Bacterial Infection

This is considered to be the most important cause among the adenoiditis causes because most of the times it is found that the adenoids tend to get infected because of some bacteria. The most common bacteria that causes adenoiditis is called streptococcus.

Adenoiditis is not only caused due to bacteria but a virus named epstein-barr can also lead to infections of adenoids. There are viruses and bacteria that are also contained in the air and it is important for people to safeguard themselves from such air-borne viruses and bacteria because they can be the major reasons behind the eruption of problems of the adenoids.


Head, Neck And Throat Infections

There can be no doubt in the fact that the main job of the adenoids is to filter germs from the body of an individual but sometimes the adenoids get inflamed and swollen due to head, neck and throat infections that can lead to nasal obstruction, sleep problems and difficulty swallowing and breathing.

The infections of the neck, the head and the throat have to be looked after very carefully so that they do not cause any problem for the adenoids that are located around the pharynx and carry out their job of filtering germs from the body.

Throat Infection

Tonsil Infections

There are several types of tonsil infections that can also lead to the inflammation of the adenoids. Abscesses, chronic tonsillitis, infections of the small pockets located within the tonsils producing foul smell and white deposits can also lead to adenoiditis. Tonsil cancers are very uncommon but swollen adenoiditis can lead to tonsil cancers and therefore it is very important to go for a routine check-up for such infections.



Allergies can also lead to the soreness of the adenoiditis and this is mainly found in children. There are many children who are found to be allergic to certain foods and therefore it is important to avoid such foods because allergens of several kinds can trigger the inflammation of the adenoiditis.

Allergic Foods

Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infections in children can also lead to adenoiditis. The most common form of respiratory infection found in children is common cold and this is considered as of the most significant adenoiditis causes that are required to be treated as early as possible.

Leaving a respiratory infection untreated can serve to be a great problem because germs start building in such infections and these germs can also cause adenoiditis.

Respiratory Infection

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