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Most Common Symptoms Of Adenoiditis

Common Symptoms Of Adenoiditis Common Symptoms Of Adenoiditis

[toc]The adenoids are tissues that are situated behind the pharynx and are found to be very close to nasal passages and Eustachian tube. The adenoids can get infected that can result in soreness and inflammation of the adenoids and even cause fluid collection, hearing loss and otitis.

The infections of adenoids can be very evident in the form of enlargement and swelling of these groups of tissues. Blockage of the airways can be caused due to this infection and therefore it is always very important to get proper treatment for this infection because it can turn out to be very painful in the later stages. The most common symptoms of adenoiditis have been discussed below:

Common Symptoms Of Adenoiditis

Runny Nose

Runny nose can be taken as a symptom of adenoiditis. Runny nose is accompanied with green, discolored or yellow mucus formation.

Breathing By The Use Of The Mouth

Breathing Exercises Breathing Exercises

This is one of the most common symptoms that can be associated with adenoiditis. The inflammation of the adenoids may lead to conditions of blockage of the airways making it very difficult for people to use their nose for breathing. Therefore people who suffer from the infection of the adenoids make use of their mouth for breathing.

Stuffed Nose

Runny nose that is majorly found during the inflammation of the adenoids can lead to conditions of stuffed nose that can be directly related to the problem of breathing. Stuffed nose of an individual can be treated as one of the most significant symptoms of adenoiditis and people should take the necessary steps to eradicate this problem.

Sore Throat

Sore throat or dryness of the throat can be taken as another symptom of adenoiditis. Sore throat is mainly the result of breathing that is done through the mouth.

Speaking With Nasal Sound

It is found that people who suffer from the condition of swollen adenoids tend to speak with a nasal sound. This sounds as if they are speaking through their nose. Such people also have a difficulty pronouncing certain alphabets such as “n” and “m”.

Sleep Apnea Or Snoring

Snoring Pillow Snoring Pillow

This is a condition when a person stops breathing for a short span of time while sleeping. This condition is found not only during the night but anytime during the day when a person sleeps.

Swollen Glands

Swollen lymph glands are a basic symptom that can be associated with adenoids. The inflammation of the glands is usually caused due to the inflammation of the adenoids making it very difficult for people to breathe in properly.

Ear Pain

There are different problems of the ear that can also be taken as a major symptom of adenoiditis. Middle ear infection, ear pain and fluid discharge through the ears are considered as some of the major complications of the ear and the best known symptoms of adenoiditis. Such ear infections have to be reported immediately to the doctor for proper treatment because they can turn out to be very severe if proper treatment is not delivered at the proper time.

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