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How To Deal With Irritable Male Syndrome

[toc]Irritable Male SyndromeMost people assume that only women experience mood swings, depression and other emotional upheavals. However, recent research suggests that apart from women, men also suffer from various emotional problems. One of the most prominent of these problems is the irritable male syndrome, which has four basic symptoms –anger, frustration and hypersensitivity.

Like women, men also experience several issues in their lives over years. These include career switches, job changes, changes in family life, and money matters. They often experience irritable male syndrome, when they fail to handle the situation in a way that they had anticipated that they would. As a result, negative emotions often develop within them, which give rise to irritable male syndrome. If you think that your partner is suffering from irritable male syndrome, consider these strategies for handling the situation.

Tips To Deal With Irritable Male Syndrome

Encourage Him To Exercise

ExerciseExercising has several benefits. Apart from helping in weight loss, regular exercising can enhance mood, improve depression and helps one in getting rid of negative emotions.

For helping your partner in coping with irritable male syndrome, encourage him to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Consider the fact that he doesn’t have to go to a fancy gym for exercising. He can swim or run for deriving the benefits of exercising.

Check The Testosterone Levels

Did you know that low testosterone is a major reason why men suffer from irritable male syndrome? Yes, it’s true. Also, middle aged or older men are more prone to suffer from irritable male syndrome because of the fact that with aging, one’s testosterone level also drops.

Undergoing a testosterone test can be the best way to understand whether testosterone is the culprit or not. In case you find that your partner is suffering from low testosterone, consulting with a doctor can be a good idea.

Introduce Changes In The Eating Plan

FruitsIf your partner is overweight, it is important that he loses weight. This is because studies have revealed that extra weight can lower testosterone levels of a person.

For this reason, introducing changes in your partner’s eating habits can be a good idea. Instead of eating high calorie and fried foods, encourage him to opt for fresh fruits, skimmed milk, vegetables and lean protein. You should also ask him to drink water, instead of cold drinks or high calorie smoothies.


Communicate Avoid judging him as this can make the problem worse. Be a sympathetic listener and try to see things from his viewpoint. Use these tips for coping with the problem.

Gather More Information

Let us admit the truth-it is easier to deal with a problem, if you possess good knowledge about it. Start by gathering as much information about irritable male syndrome as you can.

Take help of the Internet, ask friends or if you want to keep things private, get in touch with a doctor. It is important to understand that more you know about irritable male syndrome, easier it would be for you to cope with the situation.

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