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Irritable Male Syndrome Symptoms

Irritable Male Syndrome Symptoms Male Syndrome Symptoms

[toc]There are various phases in the life of a person and one that might somehow differ for men and women. Where on one hand, women enters a phase of menopause in their late adulthood, there are men who experience Irritable Male Syndrome also known as Andropause in medical terms.

However, to be able to detect the problem, it is very important to have a keen idea about the symptoms that tag along. The list below is a convenient way of getting good knowledge about signs of the condition. It will help in proper treatment and one that can be done as soon as possible. Check them out below: –

Irritable Male Syndrome Symptoms

Mood Swings

One of the common and prevalent signs of this condition in men is that of major mood swings. It is supposed to be a primary symptom and one that each one will experience. The only difference is that some might be undergoing frustration while other might be under severe anxiety.

Some might be going through irritation while some might be really hysterical even about normal situations and circumstances. Some other words associated with irritable male syndrome are defensive, argumentative, impatience, anxious, sad, tense and more.

Stress And Tension

One thing that is quite noticeable when it comes to irritable male syndrome is that of high levels of stress and tension. You will start experiencing a lot of it all of a sudden. Stress of work life as well as personal life might seem like very difficult to manage. The tasks that used to be really simple to handle might start giving you a lot of mental pressure now.

Weight Gain

Overweight Weight Gain

Obesity and weight gain are some of the signs of Andropause solely because of the hormonal changes taking place in the body. There are men that suddenly might gain a lot of weight and there are some that might achieve it slowly. No matter what the case, the increase in body weight is one of the common signs of irritable male syndrome.

Insomnia And Restlessness

According to researchers, there are many men who complain of lack of sleep during irritable male syndrome. This is quite at an extreme case and is termed as insomnia. Even if they do get sleep, the tiredness and lethargy always remains. It is supposed to be a sign that totally deserves to be in this list.


A major side effect as well as a symptom that is directly associated with irritable male syndrome is that of infertility in men. Their ability to make babies is something that completely takes a toll when it comes to this ailment in men.

Hot Flashes

A burning sensation or pangs of heat is what hot flashes can be defined as. It is one of the symptoms of irritable male syndrome in men and the same is valid for women in the case of menopause.

Aches And Pains

Back pain, body aches and head aches are some of the common issues that you will see yourself facing in the case of this male syndrome. This is quite a frequent thing that you might experience.

Loss Of Sexual Desire

The desire to have sex is something that you will see yourself losing when it comes to irritable male syndrome. Low levels of libido are a problem for all men in this phase of life.

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