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5 Ways To Prevent Anxiety

Ways To Prevent Anxiety

[toc]Anxiety attacks are often used to describe milder forms of panic attacks and are characterised by increased nervousness regarding a particular subject, rapid heart rate, perspiration and increased breath rate. People with anxiety attacks also face shortness of breath, nausea , intense feeling of despair and headache. Anxiety attacks are usually caused due to excess stress and tension.

Subsequent anxiety attacks by fear, body sensitization or sometimes no reason at all. Most of the people who suffer from anxiety attacks fear the attack more than what it does to the body. So the attack is anticipated even though it is not there in the first place. It is easy to prevent anxiety if you follow these few simple methods:

5 Various Ways To Prevent Anxiety

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing To Prevent Anxiety

Practice meditation or deep breathing exercises to help yourself calm your breathing quickly. During an attack, the breathing pattern tends to become irregular and rapid.

After a while, even though you are breathing faster there isn’t enough oxygen getting inside you. Train your body beforehand to avoid such attacks of breathlessness by practicing exercises that will help you relieve it before it begins.

Distract Your Mind

In this method, ‘get it out of your head’ is the best you can do. It is obviously easier said than done because when you are having an attack you tend to notice every little change that it brings along. Try speaking to someone close on the phone or start counting backwards from 100. Even though these are pretty basic methods, they are really effective.

Go For A walk

Go For A Walk To Prevent Anxiety

Walking or any kind of physical exercise is very essential in preventing anxiety attacks. There is a load of excess energy secreted by the heart during an anxiety attack. If you learn to channel this energy into something it will help you prevent an anxiety attack. You could work out a little or just go for a simple walk. Anything that helps in relieving the episode of hyperactivity can help in preventing an anxiety attack.

Talk To Somebody

Talk To Somebody To Prevent Anxiety

You do not necessarily have to talk to a counsellor. You could even confide in a family member or a close friend about what you feel during an attack. Most of your fear will get down if you start sharing things. If you hide what you feel, those feelings will clog up and come out abruptly during an attack so it is better to let it out in a peaceful manner.

Listen To Relaxing Music

Listen To Relaxing Music To Prevent Anxiety

Music can have a lasting effect on your body and mind. Try listening to some soft music which has a relaxing and calming effect on your mind. Slow and melodious music which soothes your mind can be very helpful. You could couple it while performing your breathing exercises as well. Such remedies will help you to cut down the stress levels and frequency of anxiety attacks.

Anxiety attacks can be really disturbing if you are constantly having them. That doesn’t mean you have to start seeing a shrink for such minor problems. Simple steps will help you find relief even in the trickiest situations and for that, all you need to do is train yourself beforehand. If you follow these few techniques, you could even stop the occurrence of attacks once and for all.

Various Ways To Prevent Anxiety

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