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How To Prevent Anxiety Attacks

Ways To Prevent Anxiety Attacks

[toc]Anxiety attacks are quite common in both men and women across different age groups. However the intensity of attacks differs from person to person. An anxiety attack is characterized by elevated heartbeat, feeling dizzy, pain in the chest and sweating. The attacks have a psychological impact on the sufferer and often give him a feeling that he’s doomed. However, there are some ways one may follow to prevent anxiety attacks:

5 Preventions For Anxiety Attacks

Recognize The Symptoms Beforehand

Search And Red Information About Anxiety

Self awareness, understanding of anxiety attacks and recognition of its symptoms are necessary to shoot down an anxiety attack. Search and read information about anxiety and disorders related to it, fight or flight responses and stress. This will make you aware of what happens when attack starts setting its feet in your psychological system. This will assure your brain of no harm.

Recognizing the symptoms of attack will tell you that you’re actually having an anxiety attack which will cause no harm but only create a psychological imbalance. Once you know that it’s an anxiety attack, this awareness will send your brain a feedback to keep calm as it is not harmful and fight the symptom to take down the attack on its very onset.

Practice Slow Breathing Techniques Regularly

Practice Slow Breathing Techniques Regularly

There are many breathing techniques which keep anxiety attacks miles away. Slow breathing is one of those techniques. Keep one hand on your chest and the other hand on abdominal region and take a deep breath. Hold your breath for 5 seconds then release it slowly feeling the comfort and ease.

Now inhale through nose for 3 seconds. Hold the breath and then exhale slowly. Keep repeating this cycle for around 30 minutes and do it daily. Observe movement of your hand on abdomen while breathing.

Reduce Stress Levels By Active Planning

Reduce Stress Levels By Active Planning

Stress causes anxiety attacks so you must lessen the stress by avoiding too much unnecessary thought. You may keep a fixed time slot every day to think about all your problems and worries and spend that time thinking with a constructive approach to those problems.

Or you may even choose to write about your problems in that time which is a very effective way to prevent anxiety attacks. Spend the rest of the day making peace with yourself which will keep you from constant worrying.

Take Active Steps To Increase Laughter

Take Active Steps To Increase Laughter

Laughter rips your psychological frets and fears apart. Look out for laughter with friends. Spend time watching comedy shows and movies or reading joke books. Laughing helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and making your mood happier ultimately leading to good health. Laughing is a very effective preventive measure for anxiety.

Consume A Healthy Diet

Green Tea To Reduce Anxiety Attacks

A healthy diet is necessary for preventing anxiety attacks. Drink enough water to keep your body completely hydrated. Certain acids in the body cause anxiety therefore we must refrain processed foods and dairy products which promote those acids in our body. Caffeine in excess also promotes anxiety so we must avoid too much intake of beverages like tea and coffee. Consume green tea or herbal tea instead.

You must eat the right quantity as both over eating as well as not eating at all will lead to stress. Include fruits and vegetables in plenty and have a complete, healthy and wholesome diet. The best way to prevent anxiety attacks is by keeping yourself engrossed in some productive work and taking proactive measures to knock off stress.

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