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5 Natural Cures For Macular Degeneration

Natural Cures For Macular Degeneration

[toc]Macula is a dark, permanent spot on the retina. The macula is responsible to maintain normal and proper vision. The process in which the macula gets destroyed progressively is called macular degeneration. There are 2 conditions. The atropic i.e. dry condition causes macular cells to collect sacs of the debris.

The exudative i.e. wet condition makes blood vessels swollen and leak fluid. In the first condition accumulated sacs of the debris become swollen and block the circulation of blood in blood vessels that connect to the macula and fail to serve. There are several causes that create macular degeneration such as environmental toxins, smoking, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and aging. However, there are many herbal treatments to help in curing it.

5 Best Natural Cures For Macular Degeneration


Bilberry For Macular Degeneration

Bilberry is a small dark-blue edible herb, and it is best known for its support in improving vision. Bilberry is commonly found in shrubs of Europe. It possesses chemicals known as anthaocyanosides that reverse the cell damage.

Bilberry is also available as capsules and a prescribed dose of it should be taken. Diabetic patients should not take bilberry. It is also suggested that blood thinners should take it under the guidance, as it may affect the medication.

Use Of Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables For Macular Degeneration

Green and leafy vegetables are the richest sources of Lutein. Lutein is a strong antioxidant that helps in improving the vision and guard’s retina from damages caused by sunlight.

Hence, adding more green and leafy vegetables like mustard greens, spinach and collards in the diet take care of the eyes. Lutein is also available in the food supplement form. Thus, a proper dosage of the supplement is recommended.

Use Of Red Wine

Red Wine For Macular Degeneration

Red wine has strong antioxidant properties. Drinking a small amount of red wine occasionally helps a lot in preventing macular degeneration. However, over drinking of wine affects the health. During the pregnancy, medication and breastfeeding or addicted to alcohol, it is not advisable to drink since it affects adversely on the body.

Use Of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba For Macular Degeneration

Ginkgo biloba contains the antioxidants such as flavonoids and terpanoids. Ginkgo biloba comes from fan shaped leaves and yellow flowers of very old living trees. It is used for treating circulatory problems and also other health disorders. Ginkgo biloba is very much helpful in the starting stages of the macular degeneration.

It is available in both forms; tincture and capsule and need to take prescribed dosage. During the pregnancy, medication in which cyclosporine and aspirin are taken and breastfeeding, trazodone, blood thinners, anticonvulsants, diuretics and antidepressants, it is not advisable to take since it affects adversely on the body.

Use Of Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea For Macular Degeneration

Chrysanthemum flowers have medicinal properties in them and help in the treatment of macular degeneration. These flowers are grown in China and parts of Asia and are used in medical treatments. Dried chrysanthemum flowers are used to make chrysanthemum tea.

Drinking this tea helps in curing the macular degeneration. However, over drinking of wine affects the health. During the pregnancy, medication and breastfeeding, it is not advisable to drink this tea since it may affect adversely on the body.