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8 Excellent Herbal Remedies For Asthma In Children

Herbal Remedies For Asthma In Children

[toc]Asthma is a chronic disease where the mucous builds up in the smooth muscles of the bronchial tubes making it difficult to breathe. An asthma attack can be triggered by exposure to pollutants, chemical irritants, smoke or even allergy causing dust particles in the air. Asthma has been observed in many children nowadays. Medical help is crucial for combating asthma. Herbs can also help in the healing process.

Herbal remedies can help in calming the tense muscles and easing the mucous congestion which is at the root of asthma. Some of the top herbs you can use to battle asthma include Sundew, Baikal Skullcap, Licorice, Elecampane, Mullein, Anise, Gingko Biloba, Turmeric, Parsley, Garlic, Slippery Elm and Butterbur. Some more herbal remedies for asthma include Coltsfoot, Hyssop and German Chamomile. Make sure you consult your doctor as well as an herbalist before using any of these herbal remedies for your children.

Best Herbal Remedies For Asthma In Children


Sundew For Asthma

Drosera Rotundifolia is the Latin name of this herb. The involuntary muscles constituting the respiratory tract become loose and relaxed through the use of this herbal remedy. Due to this reason, Sundew is very effective in curing asthma in children. Inflammation due to mucous congestion is one of the other problems faced by children when they get asthma attacks.

Flavanoids such as quercetin, isoquercitrin and hyperoside found in Sundew possess anti-inflammatory properties making this herb a very good remedy for asthma in children. This herb can be taken in extract or supplement form for beneficial results.


Mullein For Asthma

Verbascum Thapsus is the Latin name of this herb. This herb was used by the Greeks for treating diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Mullein is most commonly used in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma. This remedy is very efficacious for treating asthma in children, because it contains mucilage.

Mucilage is a thick substance which is sticky in nature and it relaxes the bronchial tubes which are affected during asthma. Mucilage also helps to lessen the build up of mucous in the smooth muscles. As mucous congestion is the trigger for asthma attacks, this herb has a vast number of benefits as a remedy for asthma in children. Mullein oil can be mixed into juice or tea and consumed for relief from the symptoms of asthma.


Licorice For Asthma

Glycyrrhiza Glabra is the Latin name by which this herb is also known. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is because Licorice contains potent chemical compounds such as glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic acid and glycyrrhizic acid. Inhaled corticosteroids which are used to medically treat asthma work in the same way as Licorice. This herbal remedy binds itself to glucocorticoid receptors and generates anti-inflammatory proteins in the body which then reduces the inflammation observed in asthmatic children. Flavanoids in this herb also suppress eotaxin, which is a molecule that leads to inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Licorice root can be crushed and added to hot drinks or soups which may then be consumed to obtain the health benefits of this herbal remedy.

Baikal Skullcap

Baikal Skullcap For Asthma

Scutellaria Baicalensis is the Latin name of this herb. It is also called Huang Qin in China. This herb has been used for treating many respiratory disorders including asthma. A flavanoid known as baicalein found in this herb has potent anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it is a very good herbal remedy for asthma attacks in children.

Flavanoids such as baicalein which are found in this herb also suppress and inhibit the growth of a molecule called eotaxin which leads to the mucous buildup and inflammation in the bronchial tubes. By blocking eotaxin, this herbal remedy is ensuring relief from asthma attacks. This herb can be consumed as an extract or supplement for good results.


Turmeric For Asthma

Turmeric is a herb with many healing properties. Generally used in countries like India in the kitchen for culinary purposes, this herb has also been used in medical preparations because of its beneficial effects. Turmeric contains a substance known as curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this reason, Turmeric is a safe and effective herbal remedy for healing asthma in children.

You can crush the dried rhizomes of this herb into a fine powder and add it to a glass of hot milk. Give this herbal remedy to your child regularly to lessen the severity of asthma symptoms. Turmeric which is known by the botanical name Curcuma Longa is a herb that has been used in ancient Ayurveda for curing diseases and healing skin conditions as well.


Garlic For Asthma

This culinary herb which is used for flavoring dishes is also an amazing herbal cure for asthma in children. This herb is safe for using with children. Garlic has a high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C suppresses the free radicals generated in the body. Free radicals lead to the contraction of the smooth muscles lining the bronchial tubes, which further intensifies the symptoms of asthma.

So, Garlic is a very effective cure for asthma in children. You can crush the fresh, raw cloves of Garlic and give this to your child daily to help him or her obtain quick relief from the symptoms of asthma. If your child finds the taste of the herb too pungent to bear, you can also add this herb to dishes or soups instead so that he or she can consume it and benefit from it.


Parsley For Asthma

Another culinary herb which can also be used to treat asthma in children is Parsley. This herb is a cough suppressant so it is very useful in easing the  coughing and labored breathing observed in asthmatic children. Parsley also acts as an expectorant which loosens the build up of mucous in the smooth muscles.

This relaxes the bronchial tubes and relieves constriction in the breathing among children who has asthma. Children can chew fresh Parsley leaves or consume this in the form of a delicious salad. You can also make soups, broths or dishes containing Parsley for your child to eat. This herb is totally safe for children and it can work wonders for those suffering from asthma.


Anise For Asthma

Anise seeds contain many curative properties. Besides aiding in digestion, this herb also loosens constriction in the airways and bronchial tubes, making it easier for children suffering from asthma attacks to breathe more freely and obtain relief from the symptoms of asthma.

This herb also relaxes the tightness found in the bronchial tubes of asthmatic children, by easing the mucous congestion of the smooth muscles. Dried Anise seeds can be chewed by the child to get relief from the symptoms of this disease. A hot drink or a muffin containing the seeds can also be fed to the child, to help him or her ward off asthma.

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