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Proper Nutrition For Breast Cancer Patients

[toc]Breast CancerPhysical activity and nutrition have a great role to play in the process of preventing breast cancer. Nutrition for breast cancer patients is very important and this can be done by taking in food that is healthy and nutritious. Along with a nutritious diet it is also important to indulge in physical activity on a regular basis so that breast cancer can be prevented from its very roots.

There are two steps that need to be followed in making nutrition the tool to fight breast cancer. First of all eliminate foods that cause cancer and start eating foods that provide protection from the agents that cause cancer. The nutrition chart for patients of breast cancer should be the following:

Nutrition For Breast Cancer Patients

Take In Foods Rich In Antioxidants

TomatoesFoods such as tomatoes, cherries, squash and blueberries can be included in the diet for the prevention of breast cancer because such foods work as anti-oxidants and they play a significant role in eliminating the sources or the agents that cause breast cancer.

Omega-3 Fats

FishThere are many people who are found to suffer from the deficiency of omega-3 fat which might serve as one main factor behind breast cancer. Omega- 3 fats that are high in quality should always be included in the diet for patients of breast cancer because omega-3 fat is said to reduce the growth of tumor and inflammation. Omega-3 fats that are animal-based are considered to be even more beneficial in preventing breast cancer therefore people must include cold water fish, and dairy products in their daily diet.

Consume Plant Foods

CabbagePlant foods are said to contain a lot of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Plant foods work in the form of natural medicines because of the fact that they possess phytochemicals that behave like chemotherapy drugs. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels, bok choy, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, sprouts and collards are considered to be very beneficial for breast cancer patients because they contain calcium, sulforaphane and carbinol that bring about a reduction in breast cancer augmentation. Nutrition for breast cancer patients should include such vegetables so that breast cancer can be prevented before it turns out to be serious.

Tofu And Tea

Tofu and tea provide catechin, anthocyanin, proanthocyanin and soy that have the ability to stop cancer before it becomes serious. Tofu and tea can be taken in the form of a dessert everyday in order to get the best results in fighting breast cancer.

Protein Diet

Protein DietProtein is a macronutrient that is very important for the survival of the body but at the same time it should also be noticed that protein forms the main nutrient in nutrition for breast cancer patients because of the fact that protein boosts the immune system of the body. The amino acids present in protein are also of great help in fighting off the causes of breast cancer. They also help in the process of eliminating the harmful toxins and chemicals that can cause a lot of damage to the internal parts of the body.

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