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Top 5 Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the carcinoma of the breast. A cancer cell also called as neoplasia is the out of control growth of certain cells that form a tumour. A tumour could be benign which means it doesn’t grow fast and malignant which means it is cancerous. In breast cancer, the tumour is formed in the female breast and is usually calcified or hard in nature. Women who have the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes could have cancer in their later life.

Other causes of breast cancer include exposure to radioactive rays, hormone replacement therapy and exposure to certain chemicals. In most women, hereditary causes are most prominent in the occurrence of breast cancer. To diagnose early you must notice the symptoms that are present in this condition. Here are some signs and symptoms for breast cancer:

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Pain and Tenderness

Pain and Tenderness Pain and Tenderness

The first symptom for any kind of ailment is pain or tenderness. If you are experiencing any kind of unusual pain in your breast region which you weren’t noticing earlier, it could be a symptom of breast cancer. Most of the times, the beginning of breast cancer is painless but sometimes, women notice some kind of prickling sensation in their breasts.

Breast Lumps

The next apparent sign will be the present of a breast lump. It is hard to touch and doesn’t displace when you try to move it. This means that the tumour is at its first stage and is beginning to grow. At this stage you won’t feel any kind of swelling. If you touch the lump, you will be able to feel that it is of a different texture than the rest of the breast tissue that you can touch.

Breast Disfigurement

In one stage higher, the breast or the nipple area begins to deform. You might notice that the nipple displaces or inverts from its usual position. There will be slight changes in the skin surrounding your breast and some redness or swelling might be present. Sometimes, the skin over the nipple begins to peel or flake as well. There might be slight itchiness around the nipple. Some women also notice temperature differences between their two breasts.

Discharge From the Nipple

Discharge From the Nipple Discharge From the Nipple

There is a watery, bloody or milky discharge from the breast. It could possibly result from benign conditions of the breast but sometimes it can also result due to malignancy of the breast. It is always better to keep an eye open. You could take a mammogram test which will easily detect if the tumour is benign or malignant.


Ulcers develop in the last stage of cancer and might be accompanied with severe itchy symptoms. This is known as Paget’s disease and it is an indication for localized malignancy. The nipple will be inward or indrawn in this type of cancer.

When it comes to breast cancer, an early diagnosis can determine the prognosis of the disease. All women should be made aware of the importance of identifying breast cancer symptoms as soon as they start appearing. The sooner you visit the doctor, the earlier you will be treated.

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