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7 Natural Cures For Eczema In Children

Natural Cure To Eczema In Children

[toc]Eczema in children is very common .More than 20% of children suffer from eczema but 90% of kids develop its symptoms before the age of 5 years. Eczema is a kind of skin rash but scratching makes the case even more worse. Another term used is “Atopic Dermatitis”. Eczema in children generally appears to be red, itchy, pus filled blisters, dry, patchy or painful red bumps. It tends to affect the babies scalps or cheeks but may spread to his hands, legs, chest, knees and wrists also. 

Eczema may occur due to allergens or irritants present in the environment such as pollens or cigarette smokes or dust. A mother should consult a doctor if she finds the development of eczema on her child’s skin and prevent them from further worsening. Try and stop the child from scratching as it may just inflame the skin. Mothers usually look for natural protocols as their child skin is very sensitive and they want to risk it .Natural remedies is free from all side effects and can effectively eliminate the rashes .

7 Best Natural Cures For Eczema In Children

Application of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel For Eczema In Children

Aloe Vera Gel is skin friendly and contains anti inflammatory properties. One can just extract the gel from the plant and directly apply it over the baby skin. It helps to reduce the itchiness and discomfort in children. It is considered to give soothing effects to the patient. Aloe Vera gel also prevents from reoccurring of rashes .Try and applies the gel at least daily once to check the effect. In a week’s time one can find the difference.

Treating With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Eczema In Children

Coconut oil is considered very effective in treating eczema in children. Application of coconut oil directly helps the skin to soothe. It also reduces the dryness and lessens the itchiness. Coconut oil helps to calm flared inflammation and quickly repairs the damaged skin.

One can apply it directly 4-5 times over the infected area. Mothers can orally also give coconut oil to children as it helps to strengthen the immune system of a child. Unrefined is considered best for this treatment.

Oat Baths

Oat Baths For Eczema In Children

Since centuries oat bath is very common for treating eczema in children. One can fill a bucket of water. One can wrap rolled oats in a muslin cloth and do some holes in the cloth so that oats powder so easily pore out. Wait till water turns milky. Bath your child with this solution.

It helps to heals child itchiness and redness caused due to eczema. It quickly repairs the child’s skin. Try and repeat the process 2-3 times in a day for instant relief from eczema symptoms.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic For Eczema In Children

A lot of mothers opt for homeopathic remedies when it comes to treating eczema in children. Homeopathy gives instant relief to children. It helps in reducing the flared up inflammation and also provides relief from redness and flaky blisters occurred in skin.

Some of the common homeopathy medicines are sulphur, Calendula ointment, Arsenicum Album and Calcarea Carbonica which gives relief from burning sensation and itchy soreness occurred due to eczema. But one should consult a doctor before applying the medicines as each child is different and the medicines should be inhaled as directed by doctors.

Application Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Eczema In Children

Another good remedy to naturally treat eczema in children is applying tea tree oil. One should not apply the tea tree oil directly over the child skin as it may just worsen the skin condition. We must dilute it carrier oil like olive oil or walnut oil. We can mix 10 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil or walnut oil.

Then apply it over the infected area with cotton balls over the child’s skin. It gives a soothing effect and helps to eliminate mild rashes completely with regular use. Try to repeat the procedure minimum 2-3 times daily. It immediately removes dryness and reduces the red blisters from the skin. It helps in repairing the damaged skin.

Application Of Ice Pack

Ice Pack For Eczema In Children

One can treat eczema in children by applying ice pack. One can put some ice in towel and apply the pack over the child skin. It is very effective in reducing the burning sensation and reduces the itchiness. Apply daily to reduce the discomfort caused over child’s skin.

Treating With Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder For Eczema In Children

Turmeric powder contains anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that helps to fight different infections occurring in the body. One can boil 2-3 teaspoon of turmeric powder for some time in water and allow it to simmer for few minutes. Allow it to cool and apply it over affected area. It effectively helps in curing eczema in children.