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Various Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Young Women


Breast Cancer Breast Cancer

There are a lot of deadly diseases that a person is prone to in their lifetime. Among the fatal diseases for women, breast cancer is one of the most common ones and quite a serious ailment to handle. It is a problem that causes the cancer cells in the breasts and slowly kills the body’s immunity and stamina.  However, the best you can do is to know about the symptoms of breast cancer to detect it as early as possible and cause as less damage as possible. This list below gives the top notch symptoms of breast cancer in young women. It breaks the stereotype that only old women can suffer from breast cancer.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Young Women

Change in the Shape

Are you suddenly feeling that one of your breasts has drastically changed in size and shape? This might be one of the symptoms of occurrence of breast cancer. It is possible that only one breast changes its size and shape or else both does. It is one way of knowing there is some problem with the breasts which can extend to something as serious as cancer.

Discharge from Nipples

A liquid discharge from one or both the breasts is one of the symptoms of breast cancer. This can be accompanied with some blood as well. It is a symptom that young women can easily associate with breast cancer. The discharge is usually sticky and transparent in nature.

Breast Lumps

One of the first and the most prevalent signs of breast cancer in young women is the occurrence of lumps in the breasts. It usually feels like a small area of thickened tissue in any of the breasts you can feel by touching with bare hands. Just by moving the hands in both the breasts will give you an idea about whether there are lumps or not. It might be a sign of cancer.


One of the easy ways to know that you might have breast cancer when there is swelling either in the breasts or abnormally in the armpits. This can also be in the form of a lump in the armpit and is known to be one of the symptoms of breast cancer as per the researchers.

Pain in the Area

Pain in the Area Pain in the Area

Starting from the pain in the armpits to that in the breasts and the nipples, it one of the signs of breast cancer. This is not at all associated with your menstrual cycle and will be severe pangs of pain in the area. You need to get the breast check up as soon as you experience this symptom.

Nipple Rashes

Rashes on the nipple or around it are a problem that you might be facing. If it carried for a prolonged period of time, then it is definitely a crisis that comes in the form of a breast cancer symptom. As per the researches, a lot of women who were detected with breast cancer had this as a sign especially in young women.

Change in Nipple Appearance

This is something that might differ for different women. However, the basic symptom states that one will experience a change in the appearance of the nipples. It might be in a state where it sunk completely into the breasts. It is one thing that you need to keep a track of.

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