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5 Simple Natural Cures For Tennis Elbow

Natural Cure To Tennis Elbow

[toc]Tennis elbow is a condition which results in severe pain in the elbow, as the tendons in this region are overworked. When the tendons get attached to a body bump on the outside of the elbow, the pain occurs. This pain can pass on to the wrist and forearm region as well. Causes of tennis elbow include strain, overuse or the injury of lateral epicondyle – the tendon which attaches with the bone outside the elbow. As the name suggests, tennis elbow sometimes occurs due to playing tennis.

However, people whose jobs involve stress, such as painting, driving screws, using the keyboard or using tools can also be prone to developing tennis elbow. The symptoms include tenderness and pain outside the elbow, wrist weakness, weakness in hand grip, pain while elbow is twisted backwards against the resistance, pain in forearm and pain when the fingers are loosened against resistance. Due to the pain, patients find it difficult to perform even simple tasks such as turning the door knob or holding a cup. Here are some natural cures for tennis elbow.

5 Natural Cures For Tennis Elbow

Rest The Injured Arm

Proper Rest For Tennis Elbow

The best way to treat tennis elbow naturally is by giving rest to the injured arm. It is vital to avoid activity which worsens the injury but you need not stop the usage of the affected arm completely. Normal, everyday functions may still be carried out evade muscle atrophy. However, remember not to put pressure on the elbow or lift anything heavy.

Use Ice On Affected Area

Ice Compress For Tennis Elbow

Ice packs can be used for alleviating swelling or elbow pain in the affected areas around elbow. One good rule for thumb is to use ice on the injury for around 15 minutes many times every day.

A plastic bag or an ice pack filled with ice will be enough to cool down the tennis elbow. Due to the nature of this injury, you might need to cool the injured arm initially. When the inflammation is gone, you can let the arm cure by itself.

Stretch The Forearm Muscles

Stretch The Forearm Muscles For Tennis Elbow

Proper stretching stops the recurrence of tennis elbow and it may also help to recover the affected arm. This becomes important when you begin to recover as well. When you perform the appropriate stretches, it will help in reinforcing the weak forearm muscles as well as increase the flexibility in the arm’s movement.

Elevate The Arm

Elevate The Arm For Tennis Elbow

In addition to applying ice treatment, you can also reduce the swelling by elevating the injured arm. When you elevate the arm, the blood flow improves in the entire arm and does not get accumulated in the forearm alone. You can support your arm against pillows or cushions and try to hold it above your heart.


Massage For Tennis Elbow

Massage is an effective way of soothing the muscles and relaxing the affected area. Gently massage the forearm from the elbow till the wrist. Avoid pressing on the area where there is pain. You can also take the help of a professional to give trigger point massage which concentrates on different trigger points to lessen discomfort. This involves finding the muscles inside the crease of the elbow and massaging using the middle finger.

However, this must be done by a qualified physical therapist and not by anybody, as it can have adverse effects if the wrong muscle is pressed.Although natural cures may help in relieving symptoms of the tennis elbow, consult a physician before trying to treat it yourself. Never use herbal supplements without the physician’s supervision.

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