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5 Tips On How To Cure Tennis Elbow

The other name of tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. It is a very common injury in which you may feel elbow pain in its early stage. Due to the repetitive use or overuse of that particular part of the arm, the outer elbow region becomes sore, and this condition is known as tennis elbow.

It is common between the ages of 35 to 55. This elbow pain is mainly encountered in the sports personals, especially the players of tennis and squash. One can easily identify whether he has tennis elbow or not, by its common symptoms like swelling and deep pain in the outer part of the elbow when trying to rotate the wrist. If you are able to detect it in its initial stage, you can easily cure it in your home by following some regular exercises and natural treatments as described below.

5 Best Ways To Cure Tennis Elbow

1. Stretching

It is very vital to stretch before exercising. Stretching can assist in removing the pain and inflammation level in a person’s body. One should not do the exercise until the elbow gets hurt. Firstly, hold the affected arm, close it up and hold the same position with the other hand for 30 seconds. Now, allow the sleeve to be pulled back to 90 levels. The exercise can be performed three times a day at regular intervals.


2. Ice

Ice is known for its pain relieving property. One can apply ice to the swollen area as it helps in reducing the inflammations. You can also use the ice cube bag as it is easy to apply. One can also put some ice in a bag and tighten the bag to apply to the swollen areas for 45 to 60 minutes regularly for instantaneous reduction of inflammation.


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3. Turmeric

The chemical composition of turmeric contains anti-oxidant properties that help to treat inflammatory conditions. Bring some fresh turmeric and grind it to draw its powder, and then do some capsules like structure by mixing a small quantity of water. Eat three capsules at every 12 hours interval. One can add dandelion root to the mixture and boil it and should use it as a tea for remedy.


4. Ginger

The patient needs to take 200 milligram of ginger and should chew it two times per a day. It is very effective, and you might feel immediate relief. An alternative can be made by boiling ginger with two cups of water and add lemon juice to make a liquid mixture. This mixture should be taken at least three times a day to get satisfactory results.


5. Licorice And White Willow Bark

A herbal tea can be made from this herb, which is very helpful in reducing the inflammation in the swelling parts. To make this tea, take 1 cup of boiling water and 2 small parts of both the herbs (dried). Allow the herbs in the water for approximately 20 minutes and then your tea will be ready for drinking. The patient should drink it before going to bed during the night, to get immediate relief.

The above-mentioned remedies and exercises are proven to be very effective in treating tennis elbow, if executed in a proper way. In the case your pain and inflammation are not controlled, it is wise to consult a physician.

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