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5 Superb Dietary Tips To Increase Sex Desire

[toc]Who doesn’t want to improve sex drive and sexual performance, if it is simple and possible to achieve. In everyone among us, there lies a temptation to spice up sexual desire and activity, but a  few lucky ones can fulfil their desires. However, for most of us there still lies a possibility of improving sex desire and performance even without heading for Viagra and that too without requiring any hard and fast measures.

Sex Desire

The simple way in which you can achieve enhanced libido is by making some beneficial dietary changes. A few lifestyle changes related to your dietary preferences can help improve your sex drive like never before. A few of such dietary tips are given below:

5 Excellent Dietary Tips To Increase Sex Desire

Diet is a prime factor not only for your sexual health, but also for your overall health. However, before jumping on to any conclusion, it is necessary to know the underlying cause for your poor sexual health or lack of sex desire. If there is no underlying health problem, then, stop worrying and start incorporating the following foods in your diet:


Almonds are rich in vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, calcium and manganese. These nutrients are essential for keeping your sexual health in proper order and your organs in apt working state.

Zinc and fatty acids are crucial for the production of sex hormones. Therefore, make it a habit to include almonds in your regular diet plan to get immense sexual benefits.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate indulges you in fantasies as it triggers your feeling of love, intimacy because it is a rich source of stimulants like phenyl ethyl-amine, theobromine that may help in boosting blood flow to the penis owing to their vasodilating and nerve soothing abilities.

Unadulterated cocoa from dark chocolates is a rich source of antioxidants. The research studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine confirm that eating dark chocolates makes you more active sexually.


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This sea food is amazingly beneficial for your sexual health as it is a rich source of potential omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and magnesium – all alleviators of your mood and sex drive.

Zinc present in Oysters is important for testosterone production while omega 3 fatty acids improves mood by enhancing dopamine levels. Moreover, a research study conducted by the researchers of Rochester’s University concludes that zinc helps improve sperm production by enhancing testosterone levels.



The rich omega 3 fatty acids presence in Solomon helps improve blood circulation and nervous function according to the research from the Weil Cornell Medical Center. The two factors that are very critical for enhancing sexual function are proper stimulation and blood flow.

This is true for both men and women. And Solomon is perfectly suitable for both these functions. Therefore, the next time if you want to have intensifying, romantic and dopamine boosting orgasms, then incorporate Solomon in your diet.



If you want to enhance blood circulation to your penis, then consider nuts as your wonder foods as they are the richest sources of arginine that breakup to produce nitric oxide – a vasodilator compound which enlarge blood vessels and improve blood flow to the penis, eventually leading to enhanced and long lasting erections. The preferable nuts to incorporate in your diet include peanuts and walnuts.


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