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7 Useful Diets For Increasing Sexual Energy

[toc]Every man or woman thrive to have an awesome passionate moment among them and try their level best to satisfy each other. Each time they experiment with different sex styles and positions and try to do better. But at times due to stress or any other personal reasons, they are unable to perform the way they want, and feel a bit guilty in the eyes of others. It is true that food can charge up their sex energy.

Sexual Energy

There’s no need to be shocked, as ingestion of right foods can certainly boost your sex life fully. Though it may require planning and some more time, but effective foods will gain you and your partner great rewards. Hence we’ve discussed below 7 useful diets to be taken in right quantity that will increase your sexual energy.

7 Best Diets For Increasing Sexual Energy


Celery can be an immense source for sexual stimulus. If men ingest celery in their meals once or twice per day every day, it will enhance the pheromone levels in their sweating, which will make your partner attract towards them.

Celery comprises androsterone which is an aromatic hormone that is also liberated via male perspiration. Elevated in fiber and low in calories, celery even handles to lower the weight and enhance the libido of both partners physically and mentally.



In order to increase the sexual drive, oysters are vastly helpful. Oysters comprise of dopamine, a hormone that aid in enhancing the libido.

They even contain rich zinc that increases testosterone and healthy sperm production. If you’ll eat one or two pieces of oysters for 4 to 5 days a week, it will definitely refresh your mind and energize your sex mood.



Chocolate includes a chemical named phenyl ethylamine that completely arouses your hormones thus generating the feeling of real love. It brings greater excitement in partners when they share chocolates with each other.

Even the dark chocolates contain anti-oxidants that are perfect for your body which helps in sustaining a good immune system. Hence women as well as men should have more of chocolates for their sex lives to be more lively and passionate.



Eggs being rich in vitamins B5 and B6 help the sexual energy to arise. These nutrients in eggs also stabilize the hormone levels and prevent stress which stands important for a strong libido.

Both men and women should have one or two boiled eggs per day or they may have scrambled eggs or omelets quite often in a week that can drive their sex. They can also have raw chicken eggs 3 to 4 times a week for enhancing the libido and raise the energy levels.



Bananas comprise of bromelain enzyme that is considered to boost up the libido and also undo the inability in men. They have also good amounts of potassium and vitamin B like riboflavin that will raise the energy level of the body.

Men should have two bananas daily in the breakfast. They can also drink one glass of banana juice or banana milk shake every day. Even women should heighten their sex energy by having banana on daily basis.



Figs are beneficial in raising your sex energy. It contains high amino acids that will enhance the libido and also develop sexual resistance.

You can have fresh figs daily. You can prepare fig juice and drink one or two glasses per day regularly that are extremely sensual, which makes you enjoy more of sex often.


Almonds And Nuts

Almonds and nuts act as productive in increasing the sex vigor. They comprise of vital fatty acids that aid the brain in processing quicker and work excellently. They are important in generating men’s hormones.

Men and women should have 5 to 8 pieces of almonds and nuts daily for superb sex. The smell of almonds are claimed to stimulate passion in ladies.Therefore you should ingest the above interesting diets to have full-to fun while having sex with your partner.


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