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6 Benefits Of Begramot Sour Orange

Begramot sour orange has the scientific name Citrus Aurantium var and it belongs to the citrus family, it is used as a one thing for many problems, it is sour in taste and green in color. It has its origin in Europe and now anyone can get it at any place of the world. It has a nice fragrance in it, it has the anti inflammation properties, it has many benefits related to the health, skin.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of This Fruit

1. Food

This is a fruit and it is used by many of the confectionary stores, as it has the fragrance in it, also the fruit is used in making the jam and everyone favorite marmalade, we grate the skin of it in many dishes also, we eat this fruit directly, it is also used in the making the health drinks as it gives us instant energy.[1]

2. Making Perfumes

This fruit has a nice smell in it, many natural perfume use the bergamot essential oil which we get normally from the leaves of the oil to make the perfume, also many soap and it is used in many disinfector, the fragrance of it is not good for the insects, so many insects repellents are using the essence of it, there are many room fresheners has the smell of it, it is best to remove the body odor.[2]

3. Digestion

When we eat food, then the medium of the food changes from acidic to base and base to acidic many time, our organs related to the digestion system, secretes many enzymes and juice which are acidic in nature, that help in digestion of the food, so if you have some problems to the digestive systems, then bergamot is the best option for you, drink the juice of it or eat it, this will make your digestion easy.[3]

4. Analgesic

If you are suffering from pain, then you can use the oil made by it to alleviated the pain, it has the exocytotic amino acids in it, that is used in sending the signals to the nerve and calm down it, you can also apply the oil in the headache, muscle pain as it has the anti inflammation properties in it, it removes the toxics of the body also.[4]

5. Skin Care

Citrus fruit are acidic in nature and bergamot has the vitamin C in it, this is the best remedy for the skin diseases, if you have the patches to the skin, then you can use it, also it is a natural bleaching agent that is useful for the uneven skin tone, it also reduces the pimples and acne, you can also make the powder of skin of the it and apply it on the skin and then rinse it, your face will start glowing, but do not use it much as the acidic nature sometime gives itching problems to the skin.[5]

6. Fever

In fever our body has a high temperature and that happens sometime from the bacteria, virus and other things, bergamot is used as an antibiotic that gives strength to the white blood cells which fights with the diseases, also it maintains the metabolism rate high so that the proper digestion should be there and proper nutrients should be reached to the cells, also it stimulates the sweat and sebum glands to secrete the sweat and by the evaporation of it the temperature of the body slows down easily.[6]