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12 Home Remedies For A Dry Nose

Remedies For A Dry Nose

Dry nose is a very common thing that happens usually when the weather is very cold or dry. When the nose gets too dry, it leads to a crack in the nose and the nest thing you have is bleeding of the nose. Other than cold dry weather, dry nose can also happen when a person smokes tobacco or marijuana, has nutritional deficiencies, suffers from chronic rhinitis leading to nasal inflammation or regular intake of antihistamines and decongestants for getting rid of cold and flu. Here are some of the simple home remedies that will help you to stay away from dry nose and its sufferings.

1. Take Hot Steam

Known to be a very effective remedy for a dry nose, take steam to get rid of its problems. Simply take a big pan wide enough to provide enough steam on your entire face. Boil water in it. Cover yourself with a towel, with your face towards the hot water in the pan. Maintain distance not to burn your face. Take enough steam through the nose. Do this twice a day till you no more suffer from a dry nose. This method is also good for your skin by that will give you a fresh clean look.

Take Hot Steam

2. Use Wet Tissues

Take a wet tissue paper and rub it around the nose. This will also help you in overcoming the troubles of a dry nose. You can either use one that is readily found in the market. Or you can take a dry tissue paper, wet it and rub it around the nose. Either of these will solve your problem of a dry nose.

Use Wet Tissues

3. Drink Lots Of Water

Sometimes, a dry body can also be responsible for a dry nose. Do not stay away from drinking water for a very long time. This dehydrates the body even more and leads to a dry nose. Drink lots of fluid especially water. You should at least drink two liters of water a day.

Drink Lots Of Water

4. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has innumerable remedies for the skin, hair and for certain ailments like dry nose. Take a clean cotton ball and dip it in warm coconut oil apply this around the nose and even below the nostrils. Do this everyday for twice a day.

Coconut Oil

5. Make Use Of Aloe Vera Gel

We all know the endless benefits of the plant aloe vera gel. Having a moisturizing and anti-bacterial property, aloe vera gel works wonders for a dry nose. Break a leaf of the plant if you have it in your garden. Cut open the upper part of the leaf. Apply the jelly like substance around your dry nose and in the nostrils too. you can also buy the gel from the market if you do not have a plant at home.

Aloe Vera Gel

6. Cotton Ball In Almond Oil

Being a good moisturizing agent, almond oil works wonders for the skin, hair and for dry nose also. Dip a cotton ball in this oil and then apply it on the nose. Or you may also go for a mixture of almond oil and aloe vera gel to get rid of the sufferings from a dry nose.

Cotton Ball In Almond Oil

7. Use Petroleum Jelly

Though this works well for dry nose, see that you are careful in its application because excessive use of this may lead to medical problems in the lungs. Its fat based substances known as lipoids can lead to such a problem. So it is recommended to use less amount of it inside the nostrils because inhalation of it in the windpipe can lead to its accumulation in the lungs which then may lead to lipid pneumonia.

Use Petroleum Jelly

8. Take In Saline Sprays

Salt water has antiseptic properties that will also solve your problem of a dry nose. Take a teaspoon of salt in a bowl or glass of water and mix well. With a dropper, put a drop in each nostril. Do this twice a day till your problem of a dry nose get solved.


Take In Saline Sprays

9. Apply Sesame Oil

Since ages, nasal dryness is being overcome with the application of sesame oil. Its moisturizing property relieves nasal dryness when you mix a few drops of chamomile and sesame oil together and apply it on the nostrils with your fingertips.

Apply Sesame Oil

10. Use A Humidifier

Lack of moisture in the environment you are in can also lead to a dry nose. Use a humidifier in the room to make up for the loss of moisture content needs around you. A humidifier or vaporizer helps relieve congestion from cold, sinus infections, dry eyes, dry nasal passage, itchy skin and nose bleeding too.

Use A Humidifier

11. Glycerin Can Also Be Of Help

To get rid of dry nasal passage conditions, lie down and with the help of a dropper, apply a drop of glycerin in each nostril. Stay that way for some time. Do this 2-3 times a day. Being a natural emollient, glycerin protects dry nose and also will help you to stay away from the pain and other kinds of uneasiness suffered sue to dry nasal passage.

Glycerin Can Also Be Of Help

12. Apply Clarified Butter

Clarified butter also is known for its health benefits and advantages on the skin for its moisturizing property. Heat a spoon of clarifies butter and put a drop of on the outer part of your nostrils. Be careful to maintain a bearable temperature of the clarified butter before its application. This remedy too will work well for your dry nasal passage.

Apply Clarified Butter

These are some of the effective home remedies that will come to your aid when you suffer from a dry nasal condition.

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