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6 Best Home Remedies For Body Aches

[toc]Apart from diseases and infections that usually dominate the life of a person, there are muscular problems that are more than common and affect almost every person existing. Age no bar, body aches is a prevalent and frequent occurring term that we all use in the day to day lives.

6 Remedies For Body Aches

Though, it is something that you need not worry about, it is definitely something that causes pains and discomfort in the body. Usually it leads to stiffness as well as swelling in certain parts that even makes it difficult for you to make movements. These home remedies mentioned below are 100 percent safe for use. It will give you an effortless treatment for the body aches and ones that can be followed in the comfort of the home.

6 Home Remedies For Body Aches

Olive Oil 

Olive oil is known to be one of the best remedies for body aches. All you need to do is take some of the good quality liquid and massage it in the entire body especially the areas where the discomfort is intolerable. This should be done each day without fail to get instant results. The high levels of nutrients in the olive oil will help in repairing the damaged cells as well as relaxing the muscles that are causing the aches and stiffness.

olive oil

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Basil Blend

Basil leaves are one of the home products that can be considered blindly for the treatment of body aches. Some fresh basil leaves need to be boiled in water till the time the liquid is reduced to the quantity that is half the actual amount. This should be allowed to come to room temperature and a little salt should be added to it before consumption. This will surely ease the pain in the body.


Cinnamon Powder And Honey 

Take some fresh cinnamon powder with some honey and consume it till the time the body aches are treated completely from the roots. This can be taken two times in a day for maximum benefits. Not only does it heal the muscular stiffness and aches but also helps in making the immune system strong to prevent aches and other infections in the future.

Cinnamon Powder

Warm Compresses

Heat treatment always helps in opening up the stiffness in the muscles and relaxing the stress on them. Try and use a hot water bottle on the aches with the help of a towel in between and see how well it eases the pain. This should be done several times in a day for about 15 minutes each. It is an effective home remedy to rely on for body aches.

Warm Compress

Have a Lavender Oil Massage

A good massage using lavender oil mixed with a little carrier oil can also help as a home remedy in the cure of body aches. This should be done for about 20-30 minutes each day to get perfect outcomes. Lavender oil relaxes and soothes the muscles and thus gives you freedom from the aches.

Lavender Oil

Almond Oil

Applying almond oil on the body aches is another good home remedy that can help in treating the stiffness of the muscles and hence give you the perfect results for the body that you desire.

almond oil

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