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6 Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

[toc]Are you someone who plans to have a baby soon? Are you looking for new and effective ways in which you can increase your chances of getting pregnant? There might be a lot of methods to get pregnant fast but the idea is to look for natural and safe ones. If yes, then you deserve to know that adhering to specific sexual positions is a good way in ensuring better and positive results for pregnancy.

6 Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

Regular use of the below mentioned sexual positions will help you become pregnant easily and without medications. These are proven by professionals and give you a guaranteed result in hand. Check them out:

6 Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

Missionary Style Position

One of the most commonly known sex positions that help in boosting the results of getting pregnant is the missionary style. Along with being a highly interactive and romantic position, missionary style is a good one when you are planning your family. Herein, the woman is lying on the back and her vagina tilts towards the cervix. This will give proper way to the sperm to reach the egg. Pillows can be used under the hips for proper elevation and perfect outcomes.


Glowing Triangle Position

A lot similar like the missionary position is can be tried if the former one is getting very monotonous for you. The guy is on all fours which create a lot of space for the woman to move her hips towards the penis and ensure good penetration. The up and down motion is done by the woman and deep penetration ensures the movement of the sperm to the egg.

Glowing Triangle

Rock And Roller Position

Along with lying on her back, the woman has to stretch her legs up which looks like that she is about to roll backwards. The man has to kneel over her and penetrate in this elevated position. The deep penetration is a perfect one for faster pregnancy. It is one of the highly recommended positions for getting pregnant fast.

Doggy Position

It is a famous position that a lot of couples enjoys doing normally. However, it also helps in giving faster results where pregnancy is concerned. It takes the sperm as close to the cervix as possible and increases the chances of fertilization with the egg. The woman goes on all fours and the man has to penetrate the vagina from behind. It is definitely a fun way to achieve your goals!

Spooning Position

Herein, the position is highly romantic and one that gives you a relaxed way of having sex. The man and the woman have to lie on their sides and the man curls up the woman from behind while penetrating. Along with relaxation, it reflects affection between two people. The penetration might not be very deep but then the relaxed mood triggers pregnancy in many women.


The Butterfly Position

Good tilting and better penetration are two of the benefits provided by the butterfly position. It is suggested for those couples who soon want a baby. The woman has to lie on her back on a flat and raised surface. Something like a table is recommended for the purpose more than a bed. The man stands in front while putting the legs of the woman on his shoulders. The bottom of the woman is held by the man for support and the woman has to go up and down in motion for deep penetration. Strong stomach muscles are a requisite for this position.

Butterfly Position

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