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How To Treat Chlamydia

[toc]Chlamydia or Chlamydeal Infection is primarily caused by the bacteria Chlamydia Trachomatis that affects only human beings. This is a sexually transmitted infection caused in the genitals of both men and women. For men, common symptoms like discharge from the penis, redness at the urethral meatus and dysuria are seen. For women on the other hand, the infection causes pain during intercourse, increased or abnormal vaginal discharge, redness and itchiness and other symptoms like pain in the abdomen and pelvic area usually like those during periods can be felt.


Though the best way to cure the infection is discontinuing sexual intercourse and antibiotics, it is always a safer and cheaper option to try home remedies first. In addition there are various lifestyle changes that can help to improve the condition. Besides the symptoms that can be seen and felt, it is necessary to undergo a thorough urine and discharge check up to confirm the presence of Chlamydial infection in the body as this peculiar infection needs a special treatment as compared to other infections in the genitals.Here are a few means both medical and non medical to treat Chlamydia.

8 Ways To Treat Chlamydia

Abstinence From Sex

Once you are detected with Chlamydia, abstinence from sex including oral and anal becomes essential to prevent the disease from getting transmitted to the partner. At the same time, it is essential to get the sexual partner checked for the same infection to prevent the disease from getting transmitted back and forth to oneself.

It is usually advised that both partners should undergo medication to prevent recurrence of the infection causing bacteria. For those who have multiple sexual partners, it is proper to avoid sex for at least seven days post starting the medication.



The quickest way to reduce the symptoms of the infection and for immediate relief, antibiotics with the composition of  Azithromycin and Doxycycline are advised. For women who are breast feeding or pregnant, the dosage and composition may vary and should be taken as per doctor’s advice.

For some, antibiotics may be accompanied with side effects like vaginal itching, discharge, minor belly cramps, nausea and vomiting. It is also necessary to avoid intercourse or use protection while taking antibiotics for the medicine to work quicker and better.



Chlamydia, if left untreated or medication not taken as per the advice and dosage prescribed or if the body is not given proper rest, may lead to the infection getting severe. If the infection travels up the urethra and to the urinary bladder and abdomen, may cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

This infection can later lead to ectopic pregnancy or permanent infertility in women. For men on the other hand, it may cause abnormality in the shape of the sperm, and ejaculation problems. Therefore, along with medicines and other remedies, give the body some rest for the medicines to work properly.


Maintain Hygiene

Of all the measures to cure Chlamydia, the one that tops the list is maintaining hygiene in and around the male and female genitals. It is necessary to keep you privates clean and dry. Besides this, usage of condoms and other contraceptives during intercourse is nothing but chemicals on privates, therefore thorough washing is necessary.

For those who have more than one sexual partner, the hygiene factor plays a major role. For both men and women, wearing clean underwear is also essential. If one is suffering from the infection, it is advised to wash the clothes in antiseptic to prevent recurrence of infection.


Physical Activities

Physical activities like swimming (in non-chlorinated water), walking, jogging, martial arts, jumping, yoga, gym, aerobics, gymnastics etc are good for people affected with the bacteria. It helps cleanse the system through proper circulation of blood in the body which helps the medicines to work fast; it also detoxifies the body with the sweating that happens during physical activity.

At the same time, it is essential to know that one should choose the activity that suits, not do everything at the same time, not exhaust excessively, hurt oneself and exercise immediately before or after meals to prevent the odds.


Dietary Measures

A correct diet is essential for any trouble with the body and Chlamydia is no exception. One should avoid foods that trigger negative reaction in the body, drink plenty of water, increase intake of foods and fats that heal, and understand one’s own food tolerance.

Antibiotics also affect the digestive system; therefore consumption of food heavy on stomach should be avoided. Food items like garlic, vegetable and fruit juices, and salad, green and leafy vegetables are important inclusions in the diet plan. Cleansing the body is essential for men, women and kids and the diet plays a major role in it.



Though avoiding intercourse is the best cure, those for whom total abstinence is not possible should use external contraceptives like condom to save one and from the infection from getting transmitted to the partner. Medications also do not work if the infected area is not given rest, or is brought in contact with another infected partner. Any kind of sexual interaction (including oral and anal sex) should be indulged in with the use of condoms.


Herbs That Cure

There are several herbs that are easy to use and have anti inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that help cure various infections in the body. For Chlamydia, herbs like sage, saw palmetto, Echinacea work well. These herbs are easy to obtain and use and do not have much side effect. However, all kinds of herbs may not suit everyone and therefore should be used with caution. One should also opt for medical consultation to avoid confliction reactions of medicine and herbs on the body.

Most essentially, it is necessary to understand that the infection, if left untreated can lead to life-long loss for one’s life. Therefore along with immediate medical attention, measures to prevent and cure need to be undertaken to avoid recurrence of the disease. It is also necessary to get one’s partner checked for safety and caution.

Saw Palmetto

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