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6 Effective Home Remedy For Cracked Hands

[toc]When the skin of your hands starts to feel dry and you notice cracks on the skin, then it is definitely time to pamper your hands. Dry and peeling skin on hands is generally caused due to extreme dryness and lack of humidity that one encounters during the winter time.

6 Remedies For Cracked Hands

But, it can also be due to lack of moisturization or an allergic reaction to certain chemicals in washing detergent or even cosmetics. Cracked and peeling skin on hands increases your risk of contracting an infection. Here we bring to you a few home remedies for combating dry cracked hands.

6 Best Home Remedies For Cracked Hands

Olive Oil and Rosemary Oil

Heat half a cup of pure olive oil. Allow the oil to cool down until it is warm and comfortable to touch. To this add a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Massage the warm olive oil over your hands in long gentle strokes, making sure that you apply it in between your fingers and around your nails.

Now wear a clean pair of cotton gloves and let your skin soak up the goodness of olive oil. After half an hour, wash hands with warm water. Olive oil will soften your hands and rosemary oil has antiseptic properties that will prevent skin infection.

olive oil

Avocado and Sugar

Mash a ripe avocado in a medium-sized bowl. Now add a tablespoon of granulated sugar to the mashed avocado. Mix well. Apply this rich mask over your hands and gently rub it all around your skin. The sugar granules will act as a scrub that will exfoliate your skin while the fats and oils of the avocado will nourish and repair your skin. Wash off the scrub with plain water and do not use any soap or handwash.


Drink Water

One of the main causes of cracked hands is not drinking adequate amount of water. Dehydration is the primary cause of skin dryness. If your water intake is low, then drink plenty of fluids. You can also have fruit and vegetable juices to increase your fluid intake. Juices are not only delicious but they are healthy for you too.

drink water

Jojoba and Lavender Oil

Jojoba oil is a non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed by the skin. It has skin anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. In a small bowl, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with two tablespoons of pure jojoba oil. Massage this oil mix into your hands by applying gentle pressure. Wash hands with plain water after an hour.

Lavender Oil

Honey and Milk

Milk is a good natural moisturizer. It contains fats that help to hydrate and soothe the skin. Honey is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties besides being a good emollient. Apply a mixture of two parts milk to one part honey on your hands. Wash off after 20-30 minutes.


Aloe Vera

Applying pure aloe vera gel on your cracked hands is one of the best ways to get relief. Just cut an aloe vera leaf in half and apply the gel directly on your hands. You can also massage it on your hands to get quick relief. These were a few natural remedies for cracked hands. Following a good skin care routine and avoiding over washing of hands can help to prevent it in future.