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6 Natural Cures For Grey Hair

Natural Cures For Grey Hair

[toc]The most common cause of prematurely graying hair is the lack of important nutrients like the vitamins of the A and B groups and the minerals copper, zinc and iron. Copper in particular is necessary for hair pigmentation and also needed by the body to maintain artery wall health.

Deficiency of copper can lead to a stroke in extreme cases. This is the reason why graying hair is considered to be a precursor of a stroke. In order to get rid of grey hair you need to treat yourself from inside as well as outside. This does not mean you have to ask your doctor for prescription drugs because there is always a natural cure for grey hair which will solve your problem without the harmful effects of chemical colors and dyes.

Best Natural Cures For Grey Hair

Copper Rich Foods

Copper Rich Foods For Grey Hair

Along with colloidal mineral supplements in the liquid form, you will also have to take extra chelated copper supplements till the time your grey hair recedes.

Black Strap Molasses And Fo-ti

Black Strap Molasses And Fo ti For Grey Hair

Black strap molasses is especially rich in minerals and vitamins and if you take it in combination with the Chinese herb Fo-ti, it is known to reverse grey hair quickly. Fo-ti can be taken in the form of supplements, or be taken as a tea that is available in herbal shops. You can even buy the root and make tea every day which will act as a natural cure for grey hair.

Onion Juice

Onion Juice For Grey Hair

Onion juice has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for grey hair. The onion can be cut and rubbed on to the scalp or its juice can be extracted and then used as a topical treatment for grey hair. It was discovered during some studies that hydrogen peroxide formation in the hair follicles is responsible for the thinning and graying of hair. Onion juice has a catalase enzyme that neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide and reverses the grey hair.


Gooseberries For Grey Hair

You should drink the juice of gooseberries everyday along with using a topical application. To make the topical application, mix up dried gooseberries and almond or coconut oil and massage into your scalp every night. The best type of gooseberry is the Indian Gooseberry also known as ‘Amla’ which is a great natural cure for grey hair.


Henna For Grey Hair

Mix some lemon juice and castor oil till froth starts to appear and then add some henna. Apply this mixture to the scalp and hair and let it sit for an hour or more before you wash and shampoo your hair. Repeat the procedure every day. Henna is well known for its hair growth enhancing properties and will show great results within a few days.

Rosemary And Sage

Take half a cup of sage and half a cup of rosemary and boil it in water for 30 minutes. Allow the water to cool and sit for about 2-3 hours and then apply to the scalp and hair. Let it sit in the hair till it becomes dry then use a natural shampoo to wash your hair. Repeat this remedy every week as a natural cure for grey hair.

Rosemary And Sage For Grey Hair