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6 Yoga Exercises To Get Rid Off Puffy Eyes

Yoga Exercises To Get Rid Off Puffy Eyes

Eyes see the beautiful world, we must take extra care for it. We all the have the busy schedules, improper working timings, no workout, no fresh air, no proper diet, all these degrade our body and we need nutrients and rest for all the parts of the body, so sometimes, when we busy on the gadgets like the smartphones, tablets, computer, television for longer time, then the harmful rays of these gadgets degrade the eyes and our eyes need to do some extra work and our eyes will become puffy eyes and this look so ugly and our charm is lost. Yoga is the answer for the puffy eyes and there are many Yoga asana, that helps in relaxing the eyes, here are some of the yoga for the puffy eyes.

1. Eyes Rotation

Eyes rotation is the best exercise for the puffy eyes, you need to sit in relax position, now first see to the extreme left, now come to the rest position, then see to the extreme right, come back to the rest position, then see to the up and then to the down, now relax for 10 seconds, repeat the process again, now again try to rotate the eyes in 360 degree direction, as you complete one direction hold the center position for 5 seconds and repeat the process, now by performing this exercise all the muscles will have to work and the puffiness of the eyes will get removed easily.

Eyes Rotation

2. Paschimottanasana

This is the exercise that will increase the blood flow of the body and the new formation of the tissues of the eyes will form, this is good for the constipation problem also, now sit on the ground, stretch your legs to full extent, keep your back straight, keep your hand straight and then slowly bend and touch the tip toe with the fingers and hold it, now try to touch your heat to the knees, here you should not bend your knees, it should be straight, hold the position for about the 40 minutes and the rate of the breathe should be at medium rate.


3. Halasana

This is the slightly hard, in this the whole blood flow reverse it direction and the maximum blood flow will be to the upper part of the body, proper flow to the eyes veins will remove the puffy eyes, now in this you need to lay on the ground, raise your legs up, squeeze your stomach and then slowly bend the legs and the knees should be above the head and the tip toe should touch the ground, hips should be above the ground,, hold the position for about the 1 minutes and then come back to the rest position.


4. Chkrasana

This is again a hard exercise, in which we should stand straight, raise you hands above the head, now bend in the backbone, like that your body has the shape of the English letter U and your hand should touch the ground, hold the position for about 40 seconds and then slowly come back to the rest position, now one can be perfect in one day for this, it takes time, in this the maximum flow of the blood to the upper body also the whole digestion process is in stretch, so the eyes are also in stretch and then you will have the puffy eyes.


5. Salambha Sarvangasana

This is an easy asana, in this you need to lay on the ground, now keep your body straight and relaxed, now slowly raise your legs up and then place your hands to the back and then raise the lower body to the full extent, so that the chest should touch the chin, now hold the position for about the 1 minute and then come back to the rest position, in this the heart has to work hard and the pressure of the blood is increased and dead veins and the tissues near the eyes will be removed easily and there will not be any puffy eyes.

Salambha Sarvangasana

6. Salambha Sirasana

This is the knows to be the hardest exercise, in this you need to use your strength, so when you doing this asana then you need to do it in proper direction of any yoga teacher. For this exercise you need to place your forearms to the ground, then tie your fingers behind the head, now raise your leg and make your body in complete 180 degree angle, maintain the balance of the body, if you are new to this then you can take help of the wall, hold the position for about the 30 seconds and slowly comeback to the rest position, with this exercise the whole blood will flow in the opposite direction and your face will become red, the proper flow of the blood will regenerate the dead tissues around the eyes area and the puffiness of the eyes will be removed easily.

Salambha Sirasana

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