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7 Home Remedies For Liver Pain

7 Home Remedies For Liver Pain

[toc]A pain in your liver will give you a warning alarm that you should consult your doctor on time, otherwise it may damage further. Being one of the most significant organs of your body, liver is actually accountable to storing enzymes, bile and chemicals and also aids in cleansing the blood by eliminating the toxins and other unsafe substances generated inside the body.

When the liver fails to function, it may lead to increase of toxins and waste material, and thus bringing you distinct health obstacles. If you neglect in treating, the liver in the upper right quadrant abdomen will start paining severely. Liver pain can also be due to consuming spicy food, consuming alcohol and inadequate rest. You can also undergo pain in your shoulders, abdomen and back, bad breathe, bad body odor and eye problem.

Your target will be to heal your liver pain as soon as possible. You have to firstly know the reason behind the liver pain from the doctor. You should have easy dietary changes without spices and perform some good exercises once a day. You can even include probiotics in your diet. To get rid of the liver pain, you can follow 7 home remedies given by us that will help you ease your liver pain.

7 Best Home Remedies For Liver Pain


Yogurt To Reduce Liver Pain

Yogurt is an appropriate home remedy which is also a natural source of probiotics. As it is enclosed with bifidus nutrient, the yogurt can help in warding off the unhealthy bacteria from the liver and stop few specific kinds of problems like tumors.

You can either prepare yogurt juice with milk or else you can add the fresh yogurt to your diet and have it once a day. Make it a point to eat the yogurt for few days to gain results.


Drink Water For Liver Pain

You should need to focus on water intake which stands important for the liver. Toxins are generally formed in the liver and the more you drink water it aids in parting toxins from the nutrients and thus the toxin waste gets flushed out towards the kidneys and then it passes out through urine. You should drink 6 to 8 liters of water on daily basis so that your liver will function superbly. Do not drink less water and create problem for your liver.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil To Reduce Liver Pain

Flaxseed oil supports in functioning the liver superbly. It is rich in fatty acids involving Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids and alpha linolenic acid which helps in accumulating better chemicals in the liver. These vital fatty acids also uphold the strong membranes just around the body cells.

Hence you can take the advantage of flaxseed oil in many ways. You can add them in your morning drinks or protein shakes daily. Though the drinks will be flavorless, but you should compulsorily drink it for the sake of your liver. You can also take it in the form of tablet every day.


Garlic To Reduce Liver Pain

Garlic which contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties assists the liver to work excellently and it even develops your digestion. They even hold higher levels of protein, amino acids and antioxidant compounds that aids in shielding the liver from the natural toxins.

The liver filters the toxic substances from getting in touch with the other organs with the help of antioxidant properties of garlic. You can chop four garlic pieces and add them in your cooked meals daily. Otherwise with your doctor’s advice you can have garlic tablets (200 milligrams) 2 times per day that includes 0.6 percent allicin.


Milk To Reduce Liver Pain

Consuming milk which has nutrients including vitamin B2, vitamin B12, calcium, protein, potassium, iodine and potassium act beneficial for the liver pain to lessen down. You can also have nutritious milky foods such as cheese, buttermilk, cow/goat’s milk on regular basis and gain positive results.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables For Liver Pain

To keep yourself healthy and for reducing the liver pain that you come across, it is really worthy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily which will purify the toxins and blood flow. Your liver won’t be pressured by these foods and will also aid in the detox. You can consume fruits including papaya, apple, banana etc, and vegetables like bitter gourd, sprouts, cabbages, cauliflower and other green leafy vegetables.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera To Reduce Liver Pain

Aloe vera is another home remedy that heals your liver pain. Nutrients in aloe vera like vitamins A, C and E, fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes etc has valuable effect on the liver. You can thus prepare aloe vera juice and drink it once a day or you can add its powdered extracts in the cooked food. Hence make the best use of the above home remedies for diminishing your chest pain.

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