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7 Herbal Remedies For Body Odor

Herbal Remedies For Body Odor

[toc]Body odor is a problem that is quite common and all of us often become its victim. Being a natural phenomenon, body odor to a certain extent is tolerable. However, excessive body odor is not only unappealing but also gives rise to feelings of frustration and self consciousness. Body odor is caused when perspiration is allowed to settle in the body for more than a few hours that ultimately lead to the formation of foul smelling bacteria.

To get rid of body odor we often look to purchase deodorants and antiperspirants or even a combination of both the elements. Even though deodorants and antiperspirants are helpful, they, by no means offer a permanent solution. The problem of excessive body odor is much more deep rooted and is connected to the internal functions of the body. For centuries herbs have proved to be the best solution. Apart from acting as a mask against body odor some of these herbs even have the capability of eradicating the problem from within. This article therefore lists a few of these herbs that can be useful for you.

7 Best Herbal Remedies For Body Odor


Sage For Body Odor

The very first herb that needs to be discussed in this list is sage. Sage with its multiple qualities has earned itself the reputation of being considered to be the herbal antiperspirant and natural deodorizer whose effects can be felt from within. Body odor is the result of the combined effects of both bacteria and perspiration and sage acts as a powerful astringent that helps to eliminate body odor. The presence of volatile oils in sage makes it a great drying agent which leads to a slowdown in the secretion of fluids in the body.

Therapeutic research has proved that sage has the ability to minimize perspiration by almost 50 percent. Sage is a combination of aromatic oil and camphor that enhances the scent of the body and keeps one smelling good for a long time. This is one of the major reasons why this herb has been recommended by German Commission E to be used as a deodorant. Sage can be consumed regularly in the form of tea to alleviate body odor. You can even use sage leaf powder as a talcum for keeping the armpits dry for a long time.


Rosemary For Body Odor

The menthol and chlorophyll content of rosemary are used as ingredients in many deodorant treatments. Ingestion of these properties helps to counteract the food odors that sometimes emanates from the body. The leaves of rosemary are rich in minerals specifically zinc. This mineral is usually not found in people who suffer from severe body odor. Just like sage, rosemary too contains camphor that is easily absorbed by the skin thus leaving you feeling fresh and smelling like a perfume.

Regular users of rosemary have confirmed that this herb helps them to stay focused and also has a calming effect on them when they feel stressed. Stress causes perspiration which ultimately could lead to body odor. In this scenario if you are already aware of the benefits of this herb you could very well use it as a preventive measure against body odor. Tea made from dried rosemary can be used as a body wash. For this 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary must be steeped in 1 cup of boiling water and this mixture can be used in the shower to rinse the areas that generate body odor.


Parsley For Body Odor

The food we eat contributes a lot to the foul body odor. Red meat and foods lacking in fiber takes a long time to digest and in the process releases harmful toxins in the bloodstream. Gradually they reach a stage when they become “putrefied”; a state wherein the proteins from the foods consumed decomposes into bacteria and fungi which results in the formation of foul smelling oxidized products.

In this case plant food high in chlorophyll must be consumed in abundance to prevent body odor. Researches conducted by herbalists have found that parsley is very rich in chlorophyll and thus helps in strengthening the digestive system by increasing the circulation of the digestive tract. This subsequently eases flatulence and indigestion problems that lead to foul body odor. Therefore, all meat lovers should take a serious note of this and consume large quantities of parsley.


Peppermint For Body Odor

Peppermint with its mint flavor is highly recommended to be used as a mouth freshener. The menthol and chlorophyll content of peppermint when digested quickly burns foods and other toxins which goes on to improve overall body odor.

Gas pains often create an urge to release internal intestinal wind. Make a mixture by adding one or two drops of peppermint oil in one cup of hot water and consume it to get quick relief.


Licorice For Body Odor

This sweet smelling herb also has the capability of shielding problems of body odor. Licorice is often used as a soothing agent to cure respiratory and stomach problems. When consumed the properties of licorice help to eliminate body odor from within.


The protein content of spirulina is twelve times more than red meat and is very easy to digest too. Proteins from red meat are harmful for the body as it takes a long time to metabolize and in the process releases toxins. This instantly contributes to foul body odor.

Spirulina For Body Odor

On the contrary the detoxifying properties of spirulina suppress body odor as it enhances digestive capabilities of an individual and promotes natural and regular bowel movements. Spirulina thus is an essential plant food for the body that purifies the blood. The idea is to keep your body free from toxins as much as possible because the less the toxins the less will be the body odor while perspiring.


For centuries lavender oil has been used for preparing cosmetics and perfumes. The presence of antiseptic and anti fungal properties in lavender can easily eliminate bacteria that lead to foul body odor. Lavender also enhances digestion thus ensuring intestinal cleanliness which often contributes to body odor.

Lavender For Body Odor

Body odor can assume embarrassing heights if not taken care of immediately. There are instances of people going into depression due to excessive body odor. Therefore, try out the above mentioned herbal remedies that can remove body odor inside out.

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