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Causes & Symptoms Of Body Odor

[toc]Can you gauze which is one of the most embarrassing situations to face? For most of the people it is body odor and that too among a group of people. It is supposedly one of the most common problems and faced by at least 9 out of 10 people from the population.

Body Odor

However, it is a treatable condition but one needs to understand that before that a detailed idea about the causes and signs and symptoms is significant. The list below gives you a complete idea that can be used to broaden your horizons about the same. Check out the top reasons and signs:

Causes Of Body Odor

Consuming Certain Foods

One of the simple and much uncomplicated causes associated directly with the occurrence of body odor is consuming certain foods. There are a lot of food products that not only lead to bad breath but also mix up with the sweat produced by sweat glands and leads to the crisis. These foods include certain types of drinks like tea and coffee, alcohol and even foods like onion, garlic and some spices.



According to researchers, one of the main causes of sudden odor from the body can be due to consumption of certain medications for some diseases. These leave a bad smell in the body just like certain foods do. However, this is a rare phenomenon but then definitely one that deserves to be in the list.


Unhygienic Lifestyle

By staying dirty and not cleansing the body properly, there is accumulation of bacteria in various parts especially the pelvic region and the underarms. When we sweat, this mixes with the bacteria and leads to body odor.

Unhygienic lifestyle is a common cause for odor. This is also valid for people who do not change the clothes frequently or repeat them again and again along with avoiding showers.


Medical Health Conditions

There are some form of illnesses and problems of the body that can lead to body odor. Some of the most known ones here are thyroid disease as well as carcinoid syndrome. This is again a very situation but then one that is a cause for the odor. Liver disease, kidney disease, skin and fungal infections are also some of the ones in the list.


Symptoms Of Body Odor

Unpleasant Smell

One of the very obvious signs that you are suffering from body odor is the unpleasant smell you will feel coming from the body. This will not only be experienced by you but also by people who are in close proximity. It is one sign that gives a 100 percent confirmation of the onset of the crisis.


Excessive Sweating

When one experiences body odor, it can be detected with excessive sweating. Apart from the unpleasant smell, you will usually perspire more than you often do. Excess sweating from the areas like underarms, foot and pelvic regions is a symptom of body odor.


Itching In The Body

Though this is one symptom that usually shows the occurrence of excessive sweating but it somehow also targets that you are at the onset of body odor. This will usually happen on a frequent basis.


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