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7 Important Beneficial Methods For Managing Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease in which scaling of the skin with redness and itching with lesions forms on the skin. The disease can turn to be severe spreading through out the body, the reason is due to the toxic substances that get stored within the body does not release which leads to the skin diseases .The  skin disease can be differentiated into five types they are plaque psoriasis, gutt diseases, Pustular psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis among which plaque psoriasis is most common with red patches and white scales on the top, this disease can be reduced by few ways depending upon the severity of the disease if required which are defined below :

7 Important Beneficial Methods For Managing  Psoriasis:

1. Steroids Based Creams:

Corticosteroids are the drugs for the psoriasis, the steroid is continued if for not more than two months unless they find it effective applying it on the disease.  Steroids are mostly divided in four groups Group I, Group II, Group III and Group IV. The  steroid application depends on the severity of the disease, the steroids are continued unless the lesions on the skin and the irritation reduces in integrigenous psoriasis.  In gutt psoriasis is a skin disorder which is limited does not spread easily, if so then it can be applied easily with the reduction the disease [1].

Steroids Based Creams

2. Calcitriol (Vectical):

Vitamin D with the combination of the hydroxyl groups, calcitriol  is a natural form of vitamin D3 that is required for the improvement of psoriasis. The  calcitriol ointment applied on the skin is found to be as effective as the corticosteroids depending on the severity of the disease. It has less side effects compared to the calcitriol and sometimes adding of a steroid may be necessary which can be reduced slowly depending upon the lesions on the skin, known as plaque psoriasis. The use of the ointment should be stopped if you find any irritation in the skin [2].

 Calcitriol (Vectical)

3. Coal Tar Ointment:

Traditional form of medicine used even in now a days to cure the disease psoriasis, obtained from the crude coal tar that is usually used to treat the plaque psoriasis, liquid form of the coal tar is used in the scalp psoriasis, added to the shampoos, few are used in the cream or ointment that can be applied ion the lesions to reduce the irritation and lesions on the skins. Coal tar ointments have a very few side effects although they are not used frequently to apply on the skin in the modern treatment systems [3].

Coal Tar Ointment

4. Diet:

Healthy and balanced diet are always to be made in concern for the psoriasis patients, the  less intake of protein may reduce the inflammation, stress or irritation of the body. It is also found that the less intake of the amino acids helps in the less inflammation of the skin which may lead to a improvement in the disease. The consumption of eggs, meat and fish should be lessens but on the other hand too much of fat may increase the weight and the carbohydrate may lead to diabetes, therefore a balanced diet should be maintained in the disease [4].


5. Aloe Vera:

Application of the aloe vera is generally a home treatment that may work on the psoriasis as a herbal treatment, aloe vera can be applied by the extracts making juice or any types of ointments or lotions,  the leaves juice can  reduce faster the lesions, itchiness or scaling of the skin. The leaves of the aloe vera if found to work on the disease than try to apply on plenty, it also helps in reducing other skin problems [5].

Aloe Vera

6. Fish Oil:

Fish oil contains cod liver oil that is omega 3, fatty acids that is found in the salmon, herring like fishes, it may reduce the lesion, scaling of the skin but may not get the relief from ithching, fatty acids and omega is highly beneficial for the skin which may also help in the curing of psoriasis, dampen is an important component in the fish oils that works as an anti inflammatory property that treats better the plaque psoriasis. It is safe for the chronic plaque psoriasis, therefore can be used to for the diseases [6].

Fish Oil

7. Cayenne:

Cayenne is a herbal plant that is used in edible items which adds a good aroma to the food. It reduces the skin problems that contains salicylates which helps in feeling a less pain and irritation caused due to the skin disease.  The cayenne can be applied on the skin in the form of gel or cream. The cayenne pepper is also very famous in edible items. This give the skin relieve from pain and itches occurring due to the disease [7].


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