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17 Benefits Of Arabian Jasmine For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Arabian Jasmine For Skin, Hair And Health

Originating from Southeast Asia, the Arabian jasmine flower is well known for its fragrance. The flower adds beauty to the decor it is added to. Due to this, it takes part in almost all of the celebrations and ceremonies in either or the other form. Apart from being an aromatic and an ornamental flower, the Arabian jasmine is fruitful in many other ways for the skin, hair, and health, with the beneficial properties they possess and is being used since the ancient days.

In The Article Below, Let Us Have A Look At The Most Prevailing Benefits Of This Particular Flower For Skin, Hair, And Health Care:

1. Reduces Body Odor

Body odor is a disgusting smell given off by the body most commonly due to excess sweat leading to the bacterial build up on the skin; especially in the areas such as armpits. Also, it creates a negative impact about your personality to the people you interact with. Generally, people tend to use the latest deodorants or body sprays to avoid smelling bad. In that regard, the Arabian jasmine flower’s oil along with other essential oil can be used as a spray on your armpits to smell good.

Reduces Body Odor

2. Makes The Skin Soft

If you are one among those suffering with the dry skin and its beauty spoiling effects; worry not! Try using the jasmine oil by mixing it along with aloevera gel and gently dabbing it on the dry areas of your skin. By doing this, you can feel your skin moisturized and nourished; better than before. Also, using the oil to your bath routine will also help achieve soft and smooth skin. Also, with its antibacterial properties its helps in keeping skin infection at bay.

Makes The Skin Soft

3. Camouflages Scars

As already mentioned, the Jasmine flower is well known for bringing moisture to your skin. In addition to that, it is also helpful in hiding the scars of the skin and thereby leaving your skin toned and beautiful. For this, you will have to use jasmine oil along with coconut oil or petroleum jelly and apply on the affected areas. Continue doing it for some days and wait for it to make wonders.

Camouflages Scars

4. Conditions Your Hair

As we all know, jasmine flower has a pleasing fragrance, using it on hair will make your hair smell good and also conditions your hair. For this, you will have to soak a few flowers in warm water and allow it to rest until all the essence is mixed with the water. When on hair shower, make sure to use this water at the end and rinse well. This method works well and helps in managing the curly hair and reduces the frizz in your hair by giving your hair a smooth and soft texture.

Conditions Your Hair

5. Promotes Hair Growth

As the jasmine flowers help in conditioning the hair, it is therefore helpful in making your hair grow thick and long. Try mixing jasmine extracts along with coconut oil or almond oil, apply it on your scalp, and leave it to rest for a while. This particular treatment is followed in spa and is beneficial in providing strength to the hair roots thereby preventing hair fall and breakage due to weak hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

6. Reduces Lice Attack

Head lice is a major problem for female hair, especially when you are subjected to frequent bacterial attacks on the scalp. Also, for those who have dry and itchy scalp, head lice will create further damage and makes the condition worse. To reduce this, mix jasmine oil with any carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. and apply it on the scalp followed with a gentle massage. The antimicrobial properties will help in keeping scalp free from infections.

Reduces Lice Attack

7. Enhances Libido

Jasmine flower is in use for spreading an ambient fragrance that helps in triggering the sex hormones in both men and the women. It is hence considered as a natural aphrodisiac and it contributes in enhancing the libido by relaxing the person completely and makes the person express his sexual desires without any restriction.

8. Reduces Stress

With increase in individual needs, the current generation is undergoing stress everyday so as to meet them. Stress these days are caused due to various factors such as work pressure, negative thoughts, busy lifestyle, lack of proper communication, etc. All of these can be effectively reduced by smelling a handful of these magical white flowers. The fragrance of these flowers are known to soothe the mind and relax individuals thereby bringing positive energy.

Reduces Stress

9. Heals Wounds And Infections

In the olden centuries, jasmine flower was included as part of the medicine to heal several simple infections. With the antiseptic property they possess, they are good in healing wounds and infections when applied directly on the affected area. For better results, it is advisable to use jasmine oil for healing wounds and avoid the onset of further infections.

Heals Wounds And Infections

10. Suppresses The Growth Of Tumor Cells

A surprising and most beneficial health benefit about the flower is that it is very helpful in suppressing the growth of the tumor causing cells and avoid it from spreading further. The jasmine flowers were crushed manually and the extract was used as a medicine that were applied on the breast as a remedy for breast cancer. This is because of the anti-carcinogenic property they possess.

11. Natural Antispasmodic

Jasmine flower extracts are good in alleviating pain and hence are known as natural antispasmodics. Even the pain that did not go away upon application of several other chemical medicines will come under control when this particular flower is used as a medicine. The common painful situations such as the joint pain, feeling of soreness in muscles can be eased upon application of the extracts of jasmine flower. It is also helpful in reducing the pain caused due to swelling and redness with just application of few drops of its oil on the affected area.

Natural Antispasmodic

12. Clears Phlegm

With the onset of monsoon, also comes the most irritable health ailment of all time; cold and phlegm. It begins as runny nose and then slowly accumulates phlegm in the respiratory tract causing difficulty in breathing. Also, the troubles they come along with include continuous sneezing as a result of which you feel lethargic, and low. This can be solved by using jasmine flower oil. Take a few drops of the oil and inhale it deeply; this method is known to clear phlegm from the respiratory system and also soothes cough by fighting against infectious germs.

13. Snoring Aid

People with the habit of snoring disturbs the sleep of all the others near to them. The major cause of snoring is said to be the block in the nasal air passage. By clearing the air passage, the breath will be normal and the snoring will be reduced. This can be achieved by inhaling the fragrance of the jasmine flower or the essential oil made out of it. It helps in clearing the throat too and avoids the necessity of any other snoring aid.

Snoring Aid

14. Induces Weight Loss

Change in lifestyle has contributed much in the weight gain among individuals. Apart from a regular diet and exercise, an extra supplement is essential to speed up the process. In that regard, drinking a minimum of 3 cups of tea made with fresh jasmine flowers is a proven solution for aiding in weight loss. It is a traditionally followed method to support weight loss by cutting down the unwanted fat accumulation, in a natural and an organic way without the use of harmful chemicals.

Induces Weight Loss

15. Aids In Digestion

An unhealthy digestive system is a gateway of numerous harmful and disease causing bacteria. In order to stay fit, it is essential to keep your gut healthy. Bad food habit will bring in the digestion related problems such as the constipation, gastritis, ulcer, indigestion, etc. All of these can be healed by drinking jasmine tea on a regular basis. Apart from aiding digestion, the tea is equally beneficial in healing the nausea and vomiting sensations caused due digestive disorders thereby helping your digestive system to flourish in the growth of good bacteria.


16. Improves Blood Circulation

Improper blood circulation is the major cause for the occurrence of stroke in humans. Also it leads to fluctuations in the blood pressure levels. However, all these difficulties can be kept at bay by drinking jasmine flower tea or by applying few drops of jasmine oil over the body parts followed with a gentle massage. This will help in free circulation of the blood to all the body parts.

Blood Circulation

17. Aids In Relaxing Your Body

The essential oil obtained from the jasmine flowers as well the leaves of the flower can be used for massaging the entire body in order to give you a relaxed feeling. Also, simple aches such as the head ache, back ache, etc. can be effectively overcome by massaging the affected area with a few drops of the jasmine flower oil. Further, with its anti-inflammatory properties it enables faster recovery from mild to severe inflammations in the body.

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