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17 Best Sulphate Free Shampoos Available In India

17 Best Sulphate Free Shampoos Available In IndiaKnowing all the unwanted harmful effects of chemicals found in commercial shampoos an increasing number of people are switching to natural shampoos that are free from chemicals. Sulfate is one such chemical that is added in many shampoos to increase their efficacy in dissolving grime from hair and gives the shampoo a foamy texture. Prolonged use of sulfate based products strips the scalp of natural oils which in turn irritate the scalp and lead to hair fall. Owing to this reason many companies have introduced sulfate free shampoos. Still a lot of brands that claim their shampoos to be sulfate free have this chemical disguised by the name ‘surfactant base’ to fool customers. Surfactant bases are of two types – synthetic and plant based. The risk of using plant based surfactants is almost negligible as opposed to the risks that come with synthetic foaming agents. To make the job of selecting shampoos that have no trace of this harmful chemical we have put together a list of some of the best sulfate free shampoos which can easily be bought in India. Here are some of the best sulfate free shampoos available in India.

1. Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

This shampoo from Organix is a miraculous product for regular scalp cleaning. It is enriched with Australian tea tree oil and peppermint oil and comes in green hued gel form. It suits all hair types but works great for oily hair. The foaming agent used in this shampoo is disodium laureath sulfosuccinate, a salt cleanses the hair while maintaining the ph balance of scalp and is a widely used degreasing agent in many sulfate free shampoos. The minty aroma of this shampoo is extremely soothing.

Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

2. Biotique Bio Kelp Shampoo

Biotique is a well known brand that offers chemical free products. Its Bio Kelp Hair Growth Shampoo is free from harmful sulfates. This shampoo is infused with kelp which is a seaweed known to promote hair growth because of the vast amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals found in it. This product helps in relieving inflamed hair follicles which makes it safe scalps prone to infections and irritation. It has a light blue colour and has a rejuvenating fragrance. Being a sulphate free product this shampoo is non-foaming but effectively cleanses all the grime and dirt from scalp.

Biotique Bio Kelp Shampoo

3. Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo

Body shop is a famous brand known for manufacturing organic skin and hair care products in India. If you are looking for a sulfate free shampoo that leaves your hair smooth and shiny, this is your best bet. It is perfect for dry and frizzy hair as the lightweight formula effectively cleanses the scalp without removing natural oils. It has a pleasing mild lemongrass fragrance and does not lather much owing to its sulfate free structure. You will see your hair becoming soft and manageable after a month of using this shampoo.

Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo

4. EO Botanicals Coconut And Hibiscus Shampoo

This sulfate free shampoo from EO botanicals is great for dry and damaged hair. It’s made from natural plant extracts such as coconut, hibiscus, quinoa, aloe vera and chamomile. This shampoo is particularly good for people with sensitive scalps. Being an all natural product, it is non-foaming in texture and it may take two to three applications to degrease oily hair. The quinoa protein extract added in this shampoo helps in reviving damaged hair. The aroma is extremely invigorating. Regular use of this shampoo will help your hair recover from the damage done by heat styling and other chemical procedures.


EO Botanicals Coconut And Hibiscus Shampoo5. Loreal Everstrong Thickening Shampoo

Loreal’s hair thickening shampoo from its Everstrong hair and scalp system is suitable for thin hair. This no sulfate and no paraben formula adds volume to thin hair
and hydrates the scalp. The active ingredients in this shampoo are rosemary leaf and juniper berry extracts that work together to add thickness to each hair strand. It has a hard to resist rosemary fragrance and is safe for sensitive scalps. It is suggested to condition your hair with Everstrong hair conditioner that comes with the shampoo to tame frizzy and dry hair post shampooing.

6. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo

This shampoo from US brand Giovanni expertly removes deeply set gunk from hair and scalp without eroding natural oils from scalp’s surface. It is enriched with organic essential oils namely tea tree oil, peppermint oil, nettle oil, eucalyptus oil and soy protein extract. It leaves an enticing herby aroma and makes your hair super clean. It is completely free from all kinds of sulfates and harsh chemicals. Initially you may experience mild tingling on your scalp after trying it for the first time. This helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp and makes hair healthy.

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo

7. De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo

This shampoo is a great sulfate free product suited for hair damaged by heat styling and chemical treatments. It has olive fruit, meadow foam and sweet almond extracts as its active ingredients alongwith hair rejuvenating beads that work together to revive dull hair and bring back lost lustre and health of hair. It provides relief from frizz after three to four days of regular application. You
may see your hair thicken up after a period of one month or more of continually using this shampoo.

De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo

8. Marc Anthony Macademia Oil Shampoo

This hair repair shampoo from Marc Anthony’s True Professionals range is a superb no sulfate hair cleanser for colour treated hair. It comes loaded with the goodness of macademia nut oil which goes beneath hair surface to replenish it and bamboo extract that works to strengthen hair from root to tip and therefore curbs hair breakage. It expertly removes chemical build up on hair and makes it super soft and shiny. It has a mildly distinctive tropical scent that is not too overbearing.

 Marc Anthony Macademia Oil Shampoo

9. Khadi Herbals Green Apple Shampoo

This Shampoo from khadi herbals is a wonderful hair cleanser for all kinds of hair textures. It is free from harm causing parabens and sulfates which make it an ideal product for people with dandruff and other scalp conditions. Washing your hair with this gentle shampoo won’t erode essential nutrients from the surface of scalp. Green apple, the star ingredient in this shampoo is rich in anti-oxidants and is effective in ebbing away dandruff. Other prominent ingredients added in the shampoo are indian gooseberry, soap nut and bhringraj. These help in controlling pre-mature graying and hair breakage by restoring hair health.

Khadi Herbals Green Apple Shampoo

10. Soultree Licorice And Shikakai Shampoo

This shampoo from Soultree is a unique concoction of herbs and other natural ingredients. It is completely devoid of sulfates and artificial fragrances. This formula is enriched with wheat protein, shikakai, bhringraj, licorice and pure coconut oil. These help in reviving dull and damaged hair by improving scalp health. This shampoo comes in brown coloured gel formula and leaves a natural herby aroma on your hair. People with thick hair may need a little more of this shampoo for a single application as it is a non foaming formula.

Soultree Licorice And Shikakai Shampoo

11. Beessential Botanicals Honey Shampoo

This is a completely natural sulfate free shampoo to tame dry and frizzy hair. Made from a unique blend of honey, nettle and yarrow root extracts, it efficiently cleanses hair and conditions it. It is one of the few gluten free shampoos available in the market right now and is safe to be used on dyed hair. Honey in this shampoo helps in restoring moisture and lends softness to hair by relaxing each hair strand. Nettle makes the hair bouncy and full of life.

Beessential Botanicals Honey Shampoo

12. Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

This is a renewing shampoo infused with natural seaweed extract and plant based surfactant base. It revives dull and limp hair with each wash. It is packed with natural vitamins, proteins and minerals and makes hair lustrous and healthy. This product gently lifts impurities from hair and scalp and keeps the moisture levels on hair and scalp intact. The texture of this shampoo is a little slicker than most other sulfate free shampoos and works best on oily hair. Those with dry hair may need to follow it with a conditioner for extra hydration.

Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

13. St. Botanica Argan Oil Shampoo

This is another sulfate free shampoo infused with a rare combination of pure moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, jasmine oil, almond oil and silk protein extract which go a long way in replenishing each hair strand and makes hair super soft and manageable. The argan oil contained in thisshampoo is a renowned hair vitalizer that helps in fighting a hoard of hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff, hairfall and split ends and brittle hair. It is rich in vitamin E which leaves your hair smooth and super nourished.

St. Botanica Argan Oil Shampoo

14. Areev Melon And Peach Shampoo

This shampoo is meant for daily cleansing of hair. It has no harsh chemicals in it and gently cleanses the scalp. Extracts of peach and muskmelon are added in this shampoo which give the hair a silky texture. This is the only shampoo in the market that claims to be tear free and doesn’t sting the eyes. It has a soothing fragrance of melon and peach fruit and comes in light orange colour. Those suffering from sensitive scalps and hairfall can use this product without any hesitation.

Areev Melon And Peach Shampoo

15. Inlife Hibiscus Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

This natural formula with extracts of hibiscus blossoms is a great product to stop hairfall and rid your scalp of dandruff. It is enriched with natural conditioners that nourish each hair strand from within. This shampoo has no trace of parabens and sulfates and is excellent for daily hair cleansing. The hibiscus extracts contained in this formula helps in restoring hair health and puts an end to hair fall with continued usage. This shampoo suits all hair textures from straight to curly and relaxes heat and colour treated hair with its intense hydrating properties.

 Inlife Hibiscus Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

16. Rustic Art Aloe Vera Shampoo

If you are looking for an entirely handmade shampoo, this product from Rustic Art fulfills your need. It is packed with extracts of pure aloe vera, coconut, bermuda grass and wheat protein which help in managing lifeless hair and bring back its lustre. It comes in a striking gel formula and is easiy to apply on hair and scalp. It adds volume to thin hair and banishes any build up of grime on hair. The
aloe extracts help in soothing irritated scalp by replacing lost moisture from scalp’s surface.

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Shampoo

17. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo

This is the first shampoo introduced by Garnier Fructis that is free from sulfates. It is a wonderful sulfate free hair cleanser for managing curly hair. Enriched with the goodness of coconut oil, fruit concentrate and butter cream, it cleanses curly and kinky hair and boosts hair’s moisture levels by three times. It has an enticing aroma of fresh coconut and fruits. Nourishing your hair with a replenishing conditioner is suggested after using this shampoo in case you have excessively dry and tangled hair.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo

18. Matrix Biolage Delicate Care Shampoo

This is a marvellous shampoo from Matrix Biolage that mildly cleanses coloured hair without stripping colour and moisture from hair’s surface. It is a no sulfate and no paraben plant based formula that helps your hair colour last longer than with other shampoos. Infused with antioxidants derived from acai berries and argan oil, it revamps dry hair to make it look glossy and plump. The pearly white texture of this shampoo helps in detangling your hair without leaving any residue on its surface. Inspite of being a sulfate free formulation, this shampoo produces sufficient lather to cleanse away deep seated impurities from hair and scalp.

Matrix Biolage Delicate Care Shampoo

19. HLCC Scripts Gentle Shampoo

This is a plant based chemical free formulation that gently removes oil, dirt and toxin build up from hair and scalp. It’s made from non-irritating natural ingredients making it a preferred product for those with irritated scalps. It is an outstanding hair cleanser meant for daily use and is suitable for all hair types. It is of slightly runny consistency and comes in bright blue colour. It leaves your scalp feeling fresh and squeaky clean. For best results follow up this shmpoo by applying a moisture boosting conditioner from HLCC Script.

HLCC Scripts Gentle Shampoo


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