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7 Low Estrogen Side Effects That You Must Know


Low Estrogen Side Effects Low Estrogen Side Effects

Estrogen is basically a hormone that is found both in males and in females but it is predominantly found in women. There are several important functions served by estrogen within the body of a female.

The estrogen levels present internally in the body of a woman helps in keeping the skin moist and smooth, ensuring the proper functioning of the internal thermostat, assisting in the process of regulating the cholesterol levels of the body, preventing any kind of loss of memory, facilitating the process of bone formation and also facilitating the development and the growth of reproduction and sexual characteristics within a woman. Low estrogen levels in a woman can lead to various side effects. Low estrogen side effects can be summed up as under:

Side Effects Of Low Estrogen

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems Sleep Problems

It has been proved through studies that low levels of estrogen can lead to sleep disorders in women. Common sleep disorders experienced by women are excessive sweat experienced during the night and hot flashes. These disorders are supposed to be mild but they can turn out to be very serious if they are left untreated.

Increase in Bad Cholesterol

One of the most serious low estrogen side effects is the increase in bad cholesterol and the deterioration of the good cholesterol within the body of a woman. This increase and decrease in the bad and good cholesterol within the body can lead to heart diseases in women that can serve to be very complicated and at the same time serious.


A subsequent amount of estrogen within the body of a woman helps in keeping the bones in good condition. Estrogen strengthens the bones and protects women from any kind of bone loss. Osteoporosis can be the direct cause of low estrogen levels in women that may lead to pain and fracture of the bones very easily.

Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods Irregular Periods

The time that is calculated within two periods can increase or decrease with conditions of low estrogen levels within the body of a woman. The amount blood loss that is experienced during a period can also increase with low estrogen levels and this condition needs to be treated as early as possible because it can lead to several complicated issues of the health.

Ovarian Failure

Women who experience low estrogen levels and are under forty may face the problem of ovarian failure where the ovaries stop producing the hormones that are required for the release of eggs.


If a woman suffers from prolonged low levels of estrogen in the body, cases of infertility might occur in the woman because of menopause which is condition of the body where the woman is not able to have periods and consequently is not able to release eggs.

Sexual Dysfunction

The sexual desire or arousal that is experienced by a woman can decrease and even fade away completely with regular complaints of low estrogen levels within the body of a woman. Vaginal dryness and vagina; pain are also some of the other problems related to sexual health that can be considered as low estrogen side effects.

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