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7 Most Common Herbal Remedies For Hangover

Herbal Remedies For Hangover

[toc]Hangover is not a medical condition, but is the name given to signs and symptoms, which a person undergoes after heavy bout of alcohol intake. The most common symptom of hangover includes splitting headache, blood shot eyes, anxiety, depression, lethargy, sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, thirst, queasy stomach, general feeling of ill being etc. These symptoms can affect the person consuming alcohol at anytime during the day, however is most commonly experienced in the morning after consuming excess alcohol during the night. Hangovers are mainly caused due to the toxins released by alcohol in the body.

These toxins severely dehydrates the body and causes the person to experience all the unpleasant symptoms associated with hangovers. Consuming excess alcohol not only negatively effects the person’s body organs like liver, but also makes him unfit to work the day after.

Eating properly before alcohol consumption and consuming enough water with alcohol, can make the hangovers less severe. Hangovers usually pass within 24 hours on their own, however one can always make use of the below mentioned herbs to provide relief against hangover symptoms without any side effects.

7 Common Herbs For Hangover

Willow Bark

Willow Bark Reduce Hangover

Willow bark is one of the most famous and commonly used herbal cure for hangover and its related symptoms. The main constituent of Willow bark is salicin, which is especially very effective in providing relief from throbbing headache and pain associated with hangover.

Due to this property of Willow bark, it is often also called as natural aspirin. Willow bark is very bitter in taste and is the main component of many tonics used for pain relief from inflammation and splitting headache. Willow Bark is especially effective when consumed in form of herbal tea. It can also be taken in form of tincture, dried powder, capsule etc.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Reduce Hangover

Evening Primrose is again one of the most sought after herbal remedy for hangover. The main constituent of Evening primrose is phenylalanine, which is very effective in curing the splitting headache caused during a hangover. It is also very rich in a fatty acid known as GLA, which helps in reducing the irritation of the stomach tissues caused due to toxins released by alcohol consumption.

The GLA of evening primrose is also very useful in minimizing cramps in the stomach which may cause nausea and vomiting. Evening Primrose also helps in protecting the liver, which has to work double hard to remove the toxins released in the body due to excess alcohol consumption. This herbal remedy can be consumed in form of oil, seed extract, capsules, tonic, dried herb powder etc.


Ginger Reduce Hangover

Ginger is a time tested herbal remedy used for providing relief from hangover symptom of nausea and upset stomach. The main component of ginger is gingerols, which helps in soothing and calming the irritated tissues of the stomach due to toxins from the alcohol.

Ginger is also renowned for its property to reduce inflammation, which helps in minimizing the stomach cramps and reduces the sensation of vomiting. A herbal tea made using ginger root instantly helps in calming the queasy stomach and wards off nausea. Alternatively, ginger can also be consumed raw, in form of ginger juice, capsules, powder etc.


Peppermint Reduce Hangover

Peppermint is another very effective herbal remedy to counter the hangover symptom of nausea and queasy stomach. Peppermint is famous for its carminative property, that is its ability to expel gas from the body. Peppermint helps in soothing and calming the spasms in the stomach due to indigestion and provides instant relief from nausea.

Peppermint also stimulates the functioning of the liver, thereby helping to detoxify and clean it. Cleaning of the liver helps in overcoming hangover speedily, as liver is the organ responsible for filtering alcohol and its toxins from the body. Peppermint is a very commonly found herb and can be consumed in form of herbal tea, oil or raw leaves to overcome the symptoms of hangover.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba Reduce Hangover

Gingko biloba is also a very effective herbal remedy used for hangover. The seeds of Gingko biloba are rich in medicinal properties and help in stimulating better digestion and metabolism in the body. The enzymes present in Gingko biloba helps in speedy removal of alcohol from the body, thereby providing relief from hangover.

This herb also helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the body, which helps in removing the alcohol toxins from the body in a very short duration and provides relief from dizziness. Gingko biloba also helps in rejuvenating the body and provides strength to overcome muscle weakness and lethargy, which are the side effects of hangover. Gingko biloba can be consumed both before and after alcohol consumption for better benefit to get rid of hangovers.


Cinchona Reduce Hangover

Cinchona has been used since centuries by Chinese people to cure hangover. Cinchona helps in stimulating the production of bile juice in the stomach, which helps in preventing indigestion. Quinine is the main component of Cinchona, which is very bitter in taste and helps in lessening the spasms caused due to upset stomach.

Cinchona also helps providing a soothing and calming effect to the stomach, thereby enabling to overcome hangover symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Cinchona when added to water, makes it more effective in overcoming the dehydration in the body caused due to hangover. Cinchona can be used in combination with other herbs like tamarind and Roselle for better effect. Cinchona can be consumed in form of herbal tea, tonic, tincture etc.


Kudzu Reduce Hangover

Kudzu is a very widely used herbal remedy to reduce the craving for alcohol, which is one of the symptom of hangover. Kudzu contains components known as acetaldehyde, which induces hangover like symptoms. Taking kudzu, makes people cut down on their total alcohol intake as they start feeling the after effects of hangover early during their drinking bout.

Kudzu also inhibits the action of alcohol breakdown enzyme, which makes the effects of alcohol last longer. Consuming Kudzu regularly helps the alcoholic to significantly cut down alcohol intake. Kudzu can easily be consumed in form of herbal tea, capsules, pills etc.

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