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8 Natural Cures For Arteriosclerosis

[toc]Arteriosclerosis is a cholesterol based disease that is caused due to thickening of diameters of blood vessels of the body. This also causes the serious high blood pressure, risk of heart stroke, kidney disease etc. and problems related to blood circulation in the patient’s body.


Risk factor includes smoking, high blood sugar level, an excess level of bad cholesterol and high homosycteine levels. Although lots of modern day drugs implemented on a basis of the most promising solution still herbs are the best and non side effect remedy that can be performed from home also.

8 Best Natural Cures For Arteriosclerosis


A photolytic enzyme is derived from the stems of this plant that reduces the blood platelet stickiness and easily forms the clots. This helps to reduce the inflammatory response of the arterial walls. Increase the consumption pineapple until you are free from the problem of Arteriosclerosis.



This stimulates blood flow, lowers the cholesterol level, reduce the risk of blood clotting and increase the heat output. The vital function is to increase capillary resistances and to strengthen the blood vessels in the limbs.

Majorly another benefit includes the improvisation of peripheral circulations and warming the hand and feet’s of the patient.



A powerful antioxidant that is 8 times more powerful than vitamin E prevents damage to the walls of arterioles. This strengthens the blood vessels which subsequently increases the blood flow to the heart without blockage. It significantly reduces the cholesterol level, serum lipid, blood clot threatening.



As per the study it reduces the arterial plaque by 20% and blocks the formation of new plaque. It acts as a natural coagulant that helps in dissolving the potential clots that occur due to damage.

Its major impact is on reduction of the oxidation and damage to the artery walls so that arteriosclerosis can significantly reduce.


Ginko Biloba

The regular intake of the herbal extract significantly increases the microcirculation to all parts of the body e.g. the heart, limbs and the brain. The antioxidant property helps in strengthening and toning the arteries and improves their elasticity.

Ginkgo Biloba


The grape seed extract contains high level of antioxidant property that is 20 times stronger than vitamin e and 50 times stronger than vitamin C. Typically for atherosclerosis and heart related issues. The main function is to lower the cholesterol level and shrinks the existing deposits in the arteries.

Grape Seed


This thins the blood serum level, reduces the platelet count and low down the cholesterol level in the patient’s body.

Regular intake benefits the reduction blood pressure level as well as hardening of the artery walls. This is a typical antioxidant that contains photolytic enzyme which helps in reducing the clot.



This is the most vital herb implemented for the arteriosclerosis and have been used from so long times. The essential Cardio tonic strengthens the heart muscle, myocardium. This also prevents the cardiovascular disease by dilating the coronary vessels from the heart.

Regular intake can improvise the heart muscle contraction and regulate blood pressure. Along with these remedies, the patient should go for yoga, exercise on a regular basis to reduce the cholesterol deposits from the body.


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