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8 Top Natural Cures For Balding

[toc]Balding is something that affects the male usually, but sometimes women too undergo the same. Balding can be rather traumatic experience for anyone, because the hair line recedes and you are continuing to lose hair. Balding not only affects the appearance of the individual, but also takes away their self confidence and esteem.

8 natural cures for balding

But there are a lot of natural remedies available today that can help in treating balding. Some of these include herbs, home remedies and even exercises like yoga.

8 Natural Cures For Balding

Hot Oil Treatments

There are different kinds of hair oils available in the market and you may have tried many of them without results. What you should understand is that hair loss can be treated using virgin variations of these oils, which are compressed using cold methods and retains the goodness of the oils.

Hot Oil Treatments

For instance, extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil, mustard and sesame are the most preferred variations for balding treatments. What you do here is heat the oil lightly so that it spreads smoothly and enters the scalp. You can also use a hot towel post the oil application so that the pores open up and the oil then penetrates through the layers of the scalp and help in hair growth. The roots get nourishment from here and thus new hair growth is promoted. Let the oil stay for at least 2 hours.


This good old treatment has been suggested for years because not only it helps you to unwind, the entire process of circulation promotes hair growth. But it should be remembered here that massaging here does not mean rough handling of the scalp and hair.

head Massage

This will only cause more damage and should be avoided. Instead use your fingers or ask a masseuse to do the same for you in a gentle manner. Use rotational movements, while lightly pressing into the head. This relieves tension, promotes circulation of blood and promotes hair growth too.

Juice Of Onion

Onion juice, especially the small little onions available in southern India, called dhaani pyaaz, are a great source of nourishment for the hair. All that you have to do is extract the juice of the onion and apply it generously on the scalp and areas where hair loss is maximum.

Juice Of Onion

The balding areas are usually near the forehead or the center of the scalp. So focus more on these areas and apply the juice generously. The smell may put you off, but it is worth the effort. Also, you should keep the same for a couple of hours and repeat the procedure at least 3 times a week. Visible results should be evident in a matter of just weeks.

Castor Oil

Another great solution for hair fall prevention along with balding treatment is castor oil. The ingredients in the oil promote the growth of hair. However, you should keep in mind that this oil is rather thick, so what you can do is mix it with other thinner oil variations like coconut or regular olive oil.

Castor Oil

However, for balding spots, it is best to apply the same directly on them and let it stay for a few hours. Wash it off because this oil is super greasy.

Hibiscus Extracts

It is said that in ancient times, women in India used the hibiscus flower to decorate their hair and later used the same flower to derive extracts for making their mane more beautiful. What you can do is take the flower and extract its juices by grinding in a mixer and then straining the juices.


Another alternative would be to boil these flowers in coconut oil so that the juices of the hair penetrate in the oil and you can store the same. It helps balding by targeting the root cause of hair fall like dandruff and also combats greying. You can also crush the flowers and mix them with sesame oil and keep the paste. Apply it a couple of hours before shampooing for a natural sheen.

Amla Or Indian Gooseberries

If there is something that has the natural goodness of vitamin C and antioxidants, then the Indian gooseberry or amla is a great solution here. Not only does it prevent hair fall, it also promotes growth of hair and enriches the hair shaft.t. It activates the hair follicles and and thus promotes growth of hair. What you can do here is take the amla fruit or Indian gooseberry and then extract the juice.

amla or gooseberries

If you don’t have access to the fresh juice you can also use the herbal powder of the same. Again, remember that you should use it by mixing it with henna or other similar hair tonics for optimum results. You should also consume juice of the freshly squeezed amla with lime to help heal balding internally.


Eggs are a home remedy that contains various beneficial sources like sulfur along with protein and minerals including iodine, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, etc. Hence they turn out to be good way to help in the regrowth of hair.


All that you have to do is take a couple of eggs and mix it with olive oil or curd to get a thick mayo like consistency. Apply generously on the scalp and wash off after half an hour.


Another interesting remedy here to heal the mind and the body, thus preventing further hair loss while aiding in hair growth, is yoga. There are a lot of asanas that help in revitalizing the hair and promote growth of hair.

These include asanas like the awareness yoga techniques like hatha yoga and kundalini. The downward facing dog pose is a great way to release toxins and aids in improving digestion, which in turn helps to heal the mind and the body, thus promoting hair regrowth. Do include a bit of meditation in the routine too.


Along with the above mentioned solutions make sure that you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day and have a healthy and nutritious diet laden with fresh fruits and vegetables to minimize further balding and encourage further hair growth, the natural way!

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