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How To Prevent Balding

Ways To Prevent Balding

[toc]Balding is a concern for millions of people around the world. It is a constant worry for individuals who have the risk of premature balding due to their family history. Balding can be prevented with proper care and right dietary habits. Our body can strengthen it’s natural processes if it gets proper nutrients.

Increasing proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet surely help in preventing balding at an early age. Reducing stress and cigarette also help indirectly in preventing balding. If you have a family history of balding, it is wise to stop using harmful hair straightening agents and chemical-containing shampoos. Let us try to understand more about how to prevent balding.

5 Ways To Prevent Balding


Protein Rich Foods To Prevent Balding

Our hair is made of a protein called keratin. Protein plays a significant role in hair growth. Therefore, it is important to eat protein-rich foods. Stop eating fast foods which are low in nutritional value. Consider adding a protein supplement to your diet.

This helps in supplying an additional protein to help in preventing hair loss. It also compensates for a low-nutrient diet. Our body needs protein for new cell formation. It needs protein to maintain different processes which promote hair growth.


This is one of the most important nutrients required by our body to carry out the daily processes. Iron is known to carry oxygen in blood. Oxygenation of cells is necessary to promote new cell formation. Therefore, it is wise to eat foods which are rich in iron.

Iron Foods To Prevent Balding

Spinach, meat and eggs are rich sources of iron. Supplementing your diet with iron derived from natural sources helps in enhancing iron reserves in the body and preventing anemia, which is known to play a critical role in baldness.


Constant mental work can lead to stress and depression. Therefore, it is important to take regular breaks from work. Stress is known to create negative chemicals in the brain. It is also known to cause hormonal changes. This affects hair growth.

Avoid Stress To Prevent Balding

It is important to practice stress coping exercises and techniques. This helps in reducing the element of stress in balding. Involving yourself in associations and learning new things helps in reducing stress. Adequate sleep also plays an important role in preventing balding.


There are nearly a dozen vitamins that help directly or indirectly in preventing hair loss. The most important of these vitamins are vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It reduces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is known to play a critical role in hair damage and hair fall.

Therefore, vitamin C acts as an important element in preventing balding. Vitamin A helps in sebum production. Sebum acts as a natural moisturizer for hair roots. Increase vitamin-rich fruits and foods in the diet to prevent hair loss.

Rich Fruits To Prevent Hair Loss

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These fatty acids are known to primarily help in improving brain function. However, they are important for hair growth as well. These fatty acids help in strengthening scalp and tightening up hair roots. These are essential fatty acids and are not produced by our body. Therefore, they need to be consumed through foods. Salmon and other types of sea food are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids To Prevent Balding


Fish oil tablets act as an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Increasing fish in your diet will help in reducing balding in the long run. Baldness is very common. It can affect anybody. However, if you have a family history of balding, it is wise to use the prevention options mentioned above. Vitamins, proteins and reduced stress help in preventing balding effectively.

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