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9 Best Natural Cures For Sunburn

[toc]Excessive exposure to the sun is inadvisable as this can lead to sunburn. Fortunately, for those who have developed a sunburn, natural cures are available to make the skin heal faster and recover sooner. Though natural cures provide relief from this condition, for severe sunburns it is recommended that a skin specialist also be consulted.


Natural cures including remedies found at home as well as herbs are very effective in healing and soothing sunburnt skin. Itching and swelling result from sunburn. A more serious problem is that extreme exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can even lead to diseases such as skin cancer. So while treatment for sunburn is essential, you should further safeguard yourself from over exposure to the sun as well.

9 Top Natural Cures For Sunburn


You can gain relief from the pain and swelling following a sunburn by applying cold compress to the skin. This can soothe the skin and ease the pain. Ensure that the compress is not too chilled as this can cause a problem as well. You can even soak the compress in liquid mixed with Witch Hazel extract.

This helps to reduce the swelling and ensure that a person is able to overcome the discomfort he or she was experiencing due to sunburn. You can also soak the compress in slightly chilled plain water for adding moisture to dried, sunburnt skin.

Cold Compress


A person suffering from sunburn experiences parched throat and dryness in the skin. This is due to dehydration. To overcome this problem, you need to make sure that you increase the amount of water that you consume. It is important to stay well hydrated as this can lead to better recovery from the burn and also soothe dried skin.

Drinking water will also help you to replenish fluids which have been lost from your body due to overexposure to the sun. Sunburns can heal faster if you drink large amounts of water. This is because water provides hydration to the cells of the body and cools down the temperature of the body.


Potato Paste

Another excellent natural remedy for healing sunburns quickly is to apply the paste of potato on your skin. You need to cut the potato into round slices and blend the slices into a fine paste like consistency. You can apply this paste directly on your skin to relieve the pain and swelling caused by the sunburn.

The high content of starch in the potato paste cools the body and eliminates excess heat. You can wait till the paste dries and then wash the sunburnt areas or even take a bath. Add fresh cream or oil to your skin after the bath to prevent further dryness of the skin.


Cucumber Slices

Cucumber known by the Latin name Cucumis Sativus is an excellent natural remedy for sunburns. This is because it contains two antideimic compounds which reduce inflammation namely caffeic acid and vitamin C. Therefore, applying cucumber directly to the sunburnt skin can help to reduce the swelling and blisters caused by spending too much time exposed to the rays of the sun.

You need to cut the cucumber into thin, round slices and apply them on the parts of your body which are experiencing sunburn so that the inflammation reduces. Your body will also benefit from the application of these slices because cucumber is high in water content and it will moisturize your skin as well.



You can also use a cotton cloth dipped in slightly cool milk to relieve the pain and unevenness in the skin caused by sunburn. Coating the skin with milk causes a film of protein to cover the layers of your skin. This prevents the heat from further damaging the sunburnt area.

It also moisturizes the skin and heals the blisters and lesions. Applying milk on sunburnt skin can help to ease the itching and skin irritation. It also reduces the tightness of the skin and helps the skin to regain its elasticity. Milk provides nourishment to the skin and helps to reduce the soreness as well.


Loose Clothing

You need to wear loose clothing in order to recover quickly from sunburn. This is because loose clothing permits the ventilation of the skin and allows the skin to be exposed to cool air. Tight constricted clothing restricts circulation of blood which hampers the recovery process.

Tight clothing also leads to build up of sweat in certain body parts such as the shoulder blades and the armpits. This further heats up the skin and slows down the healing process. Loose cotton clothes are the best choice if you are have sunburn. This allows the sunburnt parts of the skin to become cooler and heal more rapidly.


Aloe Vera

The natural healing properties of Aloe Vera help to soothe and heal the sunburn with ease and rapidity. Aloe Vera is a herb which is anti-inflammatory and it has the ability to reduce swellings and smoothen and soften the skin. Due to its remarkable curative powers, Aloe Vera is part of cosmetic skin preparations such as creams, lotions and moisturizers. It also gives relief from the pain experienced following sunburn.

You can use the juice of Aloe Vera leaves directly on your skin to eliminate the pain and swelling caused by sunburn. You can also use this herb’s gel extract which is readily available for soothing your skin and healing the blisters.

Aloe Vera Gel


Calendula known by the botanical name Calendula Officinalis, is a herb with many medicinal properties. Also known as Pot Marigold, this herb has nutrients such as beta carotene and anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, this herb is very effective for reducing the severity of sunburn blisters and easing the painful itchiness in the skin.

Calendula also shields the body from the destructive effects of ultraviolet rays. You need to make Calendula infused oil and apply this on the skin directly for relief from sunburn. Place Calendula flowers and leaves in a jar and soak them in olive oil. Keep this jar covered for about 15 minutes. Then dab some cotton into the Calendula infused oil and apply it on the parts of your body which are severely sunburnt. Calendula will ease the pain and heal the burns.



Applying cold tea bags on the sunburn aid in lessening the pain and reducing the swelling. Tea contains certain substances such as theobromine and tannic acid which help the skin to cool off. Tea also contains a specific chemical compound called catechins.

This chemical compound is able to repair the damage to the skin caused due to overexposure to the sun’s rays. Research shows that it also prevents the ultraviolet radiation from damaging and aging the skin. Green tea as well as black tea are rich in antioxidants and either can be cooled to lukewarm state and applied on the sunburn to cure the cuts and blemishes on the skin, as well as protect the skin from further damage.

Black Tea

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