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8 Top Home Remedies For Sunburn

Home Remedies For Sunburn

[toc]No sooner we see the summer season approaching, the first thing on our mind is to protect ourselves from sunburns. Most of the people prefer staying at home to avoid the sun burns, but is that the right solution? Moreover, is it really possible to lock yourself inside the house and give up on the summer attractions?

Not really, those long sunny days, a sun bath on the beach, a good quality time in the garden are some things which you can’t really give up on. So, the best thing is to prevent yourself from getting sunburns. And if at all you happen to get sunburns, here are some instant and effective home remedies for sunburns.

8 Home Remedies For Sunburn


Potatoes For Sunburn

Potatoes have been tested and proven to be an excellent home remedy for sunburns. The starch content in potatoes helps in relieving the pain from the sunburn. You can either keep some raw potato slices on the sunburns or you can apply some grated potato to the sunburns as poultice.

You can even apply a mixture of blended potatoes on the sunburn. Later, take a cool shower to wash off the potatoes from your body.

Aloe Vera

Aloevera For Sunburn

Aloe Vera is another excellent home remedy for sunburn. All you have to do is apply aloe vera gel directly on the sunburn. Rubbing the gel on sunburns constricts the blood vessels and soothes the pain. Also, the medicinal properties in Aloe vera help in healing the sunburns effectively.

Soak Yourself

Cold Bath For Sunburn

The best way to ease sunburn is to take a bath. A cold bath eases the skin irritation and pain. To make the bath more effective you can either add baking soda or oatmeal to the water.

However, make sure you do not soak yourself for more than 15 else you will end up with a totally dry skin. Also, make sure not to rub your skin hard instead just dry it off lightly.

Cold Compress

Cold Compress For Sunburn

Instead of an ice pack apply a cold compress on your sunburns. For better results you can add baking soda or oatmeal to the water. You can keep on applying the cold compress several times for soothing the burns.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated For Sunburn

As you get sunburns, it also means that your body is dehydrated as well. So as you are trying to heal your sunburns it is important to replenish the body’s lost liquids by drinking lots of water. It will help to heal the sunburns effectively.


Vinegar For Sunburn

Vinegar mixed in equal quantity of water can be applied directly on the sunburns. An apple cider vinegar should work wonders.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Sunburn

Apply tea bags soaked in cold water on sunburns. Mint tea gives cooling effects to the sunburns. Tea containing calendula also works wonders on the sunburns.


Moisturize For Sunburn

Sunburns make the skin lose its moisture. The skin becomes all the more dry when you take a bath to get rid of the sunburns. Hence, it becomes necessary to moisturize your skin. To get that cooling effect, you can refrigerate the moisturizer before using it. These are some of the effective home remedies in treating the sunburns.

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