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Signs & Symptoms Of Hypertension

Symptoms Of Hypertension Hypertension

[toc]Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is not only one of the most prevalent kinds of health conditions among the population but is also one that stays for a prolonged period of time. According to researchers, about half the population is suffering from this crisis.Though, it is not a fatal or a serious disease, it is important to keep it under control and if possible prevent it completely. For faster treatment it is best to detect the problem as soon as it occurs. For the very same, you will need to know the signs and symptoms that define hypertension. Below is the list to give you a detailed idea about the illness.

Symptoms Of Hypertension

Frequent And Persistent Headaches

Headache Headache

One of the very common signs that define hypertension is persistent occurrence of headaches. These are usually very severe and can cause a lot of discomfort and hamper the daily routine. It is however, one of the efficient ways to detect high blood pressure.

Problems In Vision

Another of the symptom that can be very well associated with the occurrence of hypertension is change in visions. This can either be in the form of blurred visions for some people and double vision for others. It is again one of the prevalent signs to look for.

Breathing Issues

Breathlessness or shortness of breath as we know it is one of the sign of hypertension and one that causes major discomfort in the body. This is a symptom that defines the health condition and makes you aware that you are at the onset of high blood pressure.

Ringing In The Ears

Tinnitus is one of the health problems that usually occur individually in a person, but for those who have regular issues of hypertension, ringing in the ears is a symptom that confirms the occurrence of the problem. This can be treated with home remedies if you want to.

Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating Excessive Sweating

Are you sweating profusely? Do remember, that it can be a sign of hypertension and sudden rise in the blood pressure. According to researchers, excessive sweat from the body reflects the health condition we know as hypertension.

Feelings Of Fatigue

Fatigue and tiredness are two words that you can easily associate with when suffering from hypertension. This is something that can however be treated with proper rest and sleep.

Nose Bleeds

In case of extreme blood pressure, usually it is noticed that the nose starts bleeding. It is one of the symptoms of severe hypertension and should be immediately consulted with a doctor about how to bring back the balance.

Confusion And Low Concentration

Lack of concentration and confusion are yet some of the symptoms that are connected to hypertension along with all the others that are mentioned above. It helps in giving you a fair idea about the onset of the condition and leads you to the right direction of treatment.


In very extreme cases, where the blood pressure shoots up automatically and suddenly, people might face pangs of vomiting and one that causes them to feel weak. Regular vomiting means that the blood pressure is quite high.

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