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How To Get Rid Of Roaches

[toc]Roaches or cockroaches are disgusting little critters that keep entering the house and never seem to go away. It is one of the most common problems in most households and is responsible for making the people turn killers and planners from love and peace making beings. There are various ways in which you can get rid of roaches with a lot of care for your family and their health.


These methods can be used after the working hours are over and the time so perfect for these disgusting critters to arrive. Listed are a few methods you can use to deter their entry and stay at your home.

Various Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches

Chemicals And Control

There are various chemicals and pest controlling sprays available in the stores that help kill the cockroaches just with a small amount of spraying. These are so strong that they result in instant death of the pest. Though effect and efficient to get rid of roaches, there are times when continuous use of these pest killers stop affecting the animal, this is due to them getting used to the harmful effects of the sprays. Therefore, a more effective way would be to use other measures regularly and sprays at a few times for it to act more affectively.

The most easily found chemical is liquid concentrate. Liquid concentrates were once used only by professional exterminators to clear pests. These strong chemicals are now available to public to keep their homes safe of pests. To use, leave concentrates on the floors or kitchen counters if the problem is severe, alternatively you can dilute these with water and use it to clean the counters, floors, almirahs and shelves to prevent cockroaches’ entry.

Chemicals And Control


Places where you are likely to find roaches are kitchen shelves, platform, almirahs, places of storage, your book shelf, old and discarded clothing kept in the attic and other places where you do not peep regularly, are full of moisture and have a close source of water.

Once you know where exactly the roaches are coming from are disappearing in, make sure you try and clean the place regularly. It is necessary to keep a track of unused items in order to get rid of the animal and prevent it from re-infesting in your house. Cleanliness is also essential to prevent accumulation of stuffs at your place that are usually a home to the roaches.

In the kitchen too, it is necessary to use disinfectants and good soapy cleansers to keep the counter top clean. Prevent food item crumbs to be left overnight on the counter, as the cockroaches feed on them. Garbage bags should be thrown out daily and the cans be cleaned promptly to prevent accumulation of bits and pieces of kitchen wastes to get assembled and invite the pest.


Pest Control

Many a times the cockroaches find a never ending entry and stay at homes and it seems nearly impossible to ever get rid of them. Here is where you need a professional’s work. Call pest controllers and get rid of the un-required and occupying members. With professional help it is possible to get rid of the roaches easily.

However, the treatments usually cause hassles especially when you have a problem with the pungent smell of the strong chemicals they use. These techniques can be used to get away with most of the common intruders of the house, but gradually the effect fades away and the pests start reappearing; though in very small numbers.

Here you can start using other measures to control their presence. Pest control is the most effective way to remove the roaches from the house instantly. Professional Exterminators use strong chemicals on every possible home and entry spots for the roaches and are very effective and keep the family safe.

Pest Control

Home Remedies

With other measures, there are some effective remedies and items from the kitchen, which the roaches are not very fond of. These can be used to get rid of these critters.

To start, mix sugar with boric acid powder, which is readily available at local medical stores and it strong and effective against the pests. Put small heaps of this mix at the places where the cockroaches are usually seen. The sugar content of the mix is the food for the cockroach and will lure them to consume the mix; while the boric acid will destroy and eventually kill the cockroach by damaging its system.

Traps can be made by luring the cockroaches with foods that attract them and spilling adhesive in the surroundings so that the roaches are not able to move. Traps can also be made using water jars and soda bottles, where a narrow entry is made and the cockroach is lured with attractive food. But there is limited or no exit to the jar/bottle.
Concentrated soap water can also be sprayed or spilled on a living roach. The animal will try to run first, but will stop suddenly and die instantly. Make sure you put at least 5-7 drops on the head and abdomen to kill it completely.

Boric Acid

Seal Your House

With all the measure to get rid of and kill the cockroaches which have already entered your house, you should also make sure that they do not reappear once gone. For this, make sure you seal your house effectively and prevent their entry forever.

Ensure there are no cracks on the corners of the walls and kitchen almirahs, unknown holes, vents they are hiding places. Also check for leaking taps and damp cabinets under the sink, the moisture attracts the roaches and helps them breed.

Use naphthalene balls on corners and storage cabinets; the smell prevents the entry of pests. Also check exterior walls that are probable entry points for the roaches. With all these methods, the most important and compulsory thing is, that you should remove the dead cockroaches as and when you see them. Roaches see their fellows dead and sense the upcoming danger and escape. So you need to act smartly and remove them from your house.

Seal Your House