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11 Best Natural Cures For Cholesterol

Natural Cure To Cholesterol

[toc]The coronary arteries are the arteries of the heart that tend to become narrow or completely blocked because of a buildup of excessive cholesterol and other detritus that floats in the blood called plaque. Animal products like dairy foods and meat comprise of a waxy, soft and fat-like substance called cholesterol.A certain amount of cholesterol is needed by the human body for the obtaining Vitamin D and forming hormones, amongst other reasons.

As a matter of fact, the cholesterol that’s needed by the body can be made inside it only. The acceptable level of cholesterol is 40 to 59 while the optimal level is less than 150. A level that’s less than 40 constitutes higher risk and borderline higher risk is when the level is about150 to 199. 200 to 499 is also high risk, but very high risk is around 500 or above. Saturated fats should therefore be avoided.

11 Natural Cures For Cholesterol

Stay Away From Saturated Fats

Stay Away From Saturated Fats

The level of cholesterol in the blood may be affected by the amount of cholesterol in the blood, but what may seem counter-intuitive is that that greatest dietary influence that impacts the cholesterol levels in the blood is actually saturated fats.

The cholesterol level in the blood will rise with the more saturated fats are consumed. These saturated fats includes the kind that’s found in the skin of poultry, dairy products that are made with whole milk, some oils that are used in baked goods that are commercially prepared and also in the marbling in red meat. The saturated-fat content can be checked by reading the labels and the one with the lowest amount should be bought.

Going Vegetarian

Tofu To Control Cholesterol

With the exception of skim milk products, animal products are usually laden with fats, especially saturated fats. Only animal products comprise of dietary cholesterol. On the other hand, there is no cholesterol in foods that are derived from plant sources and they have low quantities of fat.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are healthier fats as compared to saturated ones and can be found in plant-sourced food. Higher amounts of saturated fatty acids can be found in partially hydrogenated oils, palm kernel oil, palm oil and coconut oil. If the intake of vegetable proteins like tofu, whole grains and beans is increased and servings of high-fat animal products are reduced, people will simply be benefitting their arteries.


Fish To Control Cholesterol

Fish oil brings dual benefits to the heart, even though it might not reduce cholesterol. In basic terms, people can avoid a huge amount of cholesterol and saturated fats if they opt for halibut instead of prime rib because the fish is low in both items. However, unsaturated fats like the omega 3 fatty acids are plentiful in fish and this can be a bonus because they are known to protect it.

Eating fish twice on a weekly basis is recommended by the American Heart Association. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids can be found more in fatty fish due to which, sardines, mackerel, salmon, lake trout, albacore tuna and herring are the best varieties of fish to be taken.


Exercise To Control Cholesterol

Aerobic exercise gets the heart to pump faster and moves the large muscles of the body for a sustained period. Therefore, according to studies levels of HDL in the blood can be boosted in this way.

A fatty molecule that’s found in the blood and can raise the risk of heart disease and LDL levels if present in large amounts is triglyceride. Exercise lowers this molecule and reduces weight. For most days, people should indulge in moderate exercise like walking for about 30 to 45 minutes.


Pumpkin Seeds To Control Cholesterol

The retention of fats in the bloodstream and the accumulation of cholesterol in the liver can be prevented by the lecithin content in herbs. Good sources of this content include herbs like pumpkin seeds, flax, dandelion root and Fo-Ti.

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves To Control Cholesterol

Veppila Kattt’ is a chutney that’s made in Kerala and is laden with fiber and antioxidants. A bunch of curry leaves can be fried with some methi/ fenugreek seeds, jeera/ cumin seeds and coriander seeds. A coarse powder is obtained by grinding them. Take a spoon of olive oil and mix it with a spoon of this powder and eat it with rice and roti instead of chutney or pickles. Curry leaves can also be taken as it is.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea To Control Cholesterol

In the Middle East, cinnamon tea is very popular. Various conditions and diseases are treated by Chinese with cinnamon. For 10 minutes, a stick of cinnamon should be simmered and taken once or twice daily. It can reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level.


Wine To Control Cholesterol

Levels of HDL cholesterol can be boosted by a large glass of wine or beer daily. Red wines are preferable as compared to others because saponins, which are plant compounds that help with cholesterol are 3 to 10 times higher in them.


Grapefruit To Control Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels can be reduced by a soluble fiber called pectin, which is found in grapefruit. Apple and berries also have plenty of pectin. A doctor should be consulted before taking grapefruits as they can interfere with medications.

Peels Of Apple

Peels Of Apple To Control Cholesterol

Plaque build-up can be prevented and oxidation of LDL cholesterol levels can be prevented with the antioxidants in apple peel. Organic peels should be bought and washed thoroughly before consumption. Plant sterols that reduce cholesterol can be found in sesame seeds, pistachios, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed and pine nuts.

Avoiding Trans Fat

Avoid Trans Fatty Acids For Cholesterol

The cholesterol-raising properties of a fat are increased by substances called trans fatty acids, which are plentiful in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Margarine, processed baked goods and many other food items comprise of trans fats. Trans-fat free margarine should be bought by reading their labels.

A doctor should be consulted to ask if it is acceptable to purchase some of the new margarine that have been spiked with substances called stanols and plant sterols. When other sources of fat in the regular diet is replaced with the use of this margarine, LDL cholesterol levels will reduce by 14% even though this type of margarine is a bit more expensive than the regular one. Labels should be read for selection of snack foods that are free of partially hydrogenated fats.

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