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5 Best Treatments For Dry And Damaged Hair

Treatments For Dry And Damaged Hair

[toc]Dry and damaged hair is a situation where the hair becomes extremely dull and lifeless. Although it is not a permanent damage, the natural sheen of the hair is lost and if left unattended, can cause severe damage to the hair.

Several natural cures exist to treat this condition, and they are considered to be the best way to revitalize, restore the strength, and luster the hair in the best natural way. If you are suffering from the problem of a dry or damaged hair, then it is the right time to take action towards your damaged hair. Below are some of the best natural remedies to cure dry and damaged hairs.

5 Treatments For Dry And Damaged Hair

Hibiscus Oil

Hibiscus Oil For Dry And Damaged Hair

This is considered to be a very good home remedy. Take some coconut oil and heat it; add the juice extracted from hibiscus. Add mashed basil (Tulsi) leaves in this mixture. Heat the oil, until it starts to boil. Do not boil for too long. Cool the heated oil and filter it to remove the contents from the oil. Apply the warm hibiscus oil to the root of the hair. Massaging the hair regularly with this oil will ensure that the hair is revitalized, and Tulsi ensures the natural hair growth.

Fenugreek Seeds With Oil

Fenugreek Seeds Oil For Dry And Damaged Hair

Another homemade remedy is to use fenugreek seeds. You can take half a glass of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water. Leave the soaked fenugreek seeds overnight. The next day, grind the fenugreek seeds in a mixer and prepare a paste. Take a cup of pure coconut oil and mix the paste in the oil. Apply the oil gently on the hair and the scalp. Applying this oil regularly will revitalize and strengthen the hair. It is also good for hair growth.

Basil Leaves And Pepper

Basil Leaves For Dry And Damaged Hair

This is yet another home remedy to nourish your hair to prevent hair dryness and damage. Add basil leaves and pepper (whole pepper seeds) in a bowl of oil. Heat the contents until it is boiled. Cool the oil and apply it to the hair thoroughly. Massaging with this oil regularly, will nourish your hair and also strengthen it.

Aloe Vera And Other Ayurvedic Herbs With Oil

Aloe Vera For Dry And Damaged Hair

Prepare a mixture of Aloe Vera (few 3 inch pieces), hibiscus (5 flowers and 5 leaves), curry leaves (one handful), kurunthotti (side herb – one handful), fenugreek seeds (2 teaspoons), gooseberry (dry or fresh – 5 numbers), lemon juice (from one piece), black pepper (1 teaspoon), henna (one handful), basil leaves (one handful), and sambrani leaves (five leaves).

Grind the contents nicely and prepare a paste. Add this paste to the heated oil and allow it to boil. When its color changes from green to brown, turn off the stove and allow it to cool. Filter the oil and use it regularly to massage the hair. This Ayurvedic oil is very good for hair revitalizing and rejuvenates the hair to its natural grace.

Steam Treatment

Steam Treatment For Dry And Damaged Hair

This is a simple home remedy. You can cure damaged hair by applying steam to it. Since, the breaking of hair occurs due to a fungal infection, applying steam can remove the infection, and it also allows the hair to restore its natural look. Add a few basil leaves in water and boil it. Ensure you take the steam on the hair thoroughly. Practicing this will cure the hair damage problem. Optionally, you can add paddy in water (without the basil leaves) and boil the contents before applying the steam to the hair.

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