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5 Best Treatments For Tuberculosis

Best Treatments For Tuberculosis

[toc]Tuberculosis is one of the health ailments that a lot of people have to face in their lifetime. As defined by medical terms, it is a contagious disease of the respiratory system. Also known as TB, it can prove to be fatal if not treated on time and with professional help. This happens because the bacteria can affect the other organs gradually and cause a breakdown of the immune system.

To ensure that proper cure is taken, medical help is definitely important. Along with that, using some safe and affordable home remedies will also give you good results and trigger the treatment procedure. Check them out below and follow regularly.

Various Treatments For Tuberculosis

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice For Tuberculosis

One of the best home remedies is to extract the fresh juice from pineapple and consume it. The enzymes of the pineapple are known to might the bacteria that cause the tuberculosis. The same is known for dissolving the accumulated mucus and thus provide relief to the sufferers. Follow drinking at least one glass of pineapple juice everyday till the problem subsides completely.

Mint Juice

Mint Juice For Tuberculosis

A teaspoon of fresh mint juice from the leaves with double the amount of raw and organic honey can be mixed with a little carrot juice and 2 teaspoon of malt vinegar and consumed at least 3 times in an entire day. Follow this for at least a week to get visible results in hand. Along with dissolving the mucus that is one of the major reasons for tuberculosis, it adds nutrients to the lungs to become healthy again and strengthens the immune system to fight the disease. Follow the home remedy till you get freedom from tuberculosis.


Garlic For Tuberculosis

The anti bacterial properties of garlic and the benefit that it strengthens the immune system can be easily used for the treatment of tuberculosis. It can either be included in the dishes or else eaten raw early in the morning to extract the advantages. On the other hand, garlic capsules are also available in the market that can be consumed each day to get rid of tuberculosis and its discomforting symptoms. However, the dose should be in the right amount to get ideal outcomes.

Indian Gooseberry

Gooseberries For Tuberculosis

Indian gooseberry also known as amla to a lot of people is a good home remedy that can be used for the treatment of tuberculosis. Along with adding energy to the body, amla ensures that the immune system is strengthened and the bacteria are flushed out. In the first half of the day, try and have amla juice or else amla powder to reap the advantage on the ailment. This should be followed regularly for about 10 to 15 days to get the best benefits on tuberculosis.

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy For Tuberculosis

To get relief from the symptoms and signs of tuberculosis a good home remedy comes in the form of aromatherapy. This includes eucalyptus oil as well as spearmint oil. Inhaling any of these essential oils will bring some relaxation to the body and trigger the results that you are expecting for the disease.

5 Best Treatments For Tuberculosis

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