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5 Valuable Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

[toc]Tuberculosis is a condition that directly affects the liver of a person. If this infectious disease increases in the body severely, people can also die unfortunately if not treated on time. The bacterium that arises because of tuberculosis is identified as Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The tuberculosis can widen to other distinct organs like liver, kidneys and brain. The common signs of the serious disease are mainly niggling cough, chronic coughing, weight loss, chest pain, night sweats, low grade fever and extreme tiredness.

You can definitely go for medical treatment in order to heal the tuberculosis. Alongside doctor’s medications you can try out natural therapies. During this phase you should sit under the sun to get Vitamin D which enhances the immune system and makes the body fight bacteria that has appeared due to tuberculosis. You can also stick to effective home remedies that will diminish the disease to a great extent. We’ve explained 5 valuable home remedies for tuberculosis.

Home Remedies For Tuberculosis


Garlic For Tuberculosis

Garlic has great natural antibiotics that will prevent the tuberculosis bacteria to attack your body parts. It is known to be the king of home remedies for this disease. You can add little garlic while preparing tea and have it in the morning and evening till you recover fully. You can also put garlic pieces in any of the cooked foods.


Onion For Tuberculosis

Onion being a natural anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidant includes quercetin flavenoid which aids in curing your tuberculosis as it prevents its bacteria from entering. For this you can chop 1 or 2 small raw onions into two halves by peeling their outer covering and put them in the mixer for taking out the juice. Even if you have onion once a day in the form of juice for 2-3 weeks, it will be hugely beneficial for your liver, brain or kidney portions.


Lemon For Tuberculosis

Lemon which contains excellent source of Vitamin C aids in healing the tuberculosis in the patients. It will also purify your bladder and reinforce your lymph gland. You can squeeze 2 to 3 lemons in one glass of warm water and have 2 to 3 times per day on daily basis. You can also arrange lemon tea for yourself and have in the morning and evening every day.


Milk For Tuberculosis

If you’re having tuberculosis in your bones, you can very well take the help of milk which is considered as a finest remedy. As milk contains sufficient amount of calcium which will penetrate into your body by drinking, it can kill the tuberculosis bacteria soon. You can begin slowly at first and then end with 4 to 5 liters of milk every day. It will be superb for you if you have raw, unpasteurized milk to gain positive results.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil For Tuberculosis

Cod liver oil is yet another advantageous home remedy. As it is extremely rich in vitamins, ingesting the cod liver oil once or twice a day for almost a month or so will provide enough vitamins to your body and won’t allow the bacteria to rule your liver and kidney organs where tuberculosis can expand. Afterwards you can even turn to fish oil for gaining vitamins. Therefore the tuberculosis patients can apply the above home remedies and improve completely.

5 Valuable Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

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