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Best Ways Of STD Screening For Men

[toc]STD Screening For MenThe most common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disorders) are chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus(HPV), syphilis and HIV/AIDS. Sexually Transmitted disorders are being studied and are being prevented widely because of the tremendous medical advances, but still there are chances that they may cause infections which are called as Sexually transmitted infections(STIs). The best way is to prevent them from occurring itself.

One must get a test done after he or she has had unprotected sex, even if symptoms are not present. All the STDs have different tests that are to be done to diagnose them. These tests are fast and easy. When you are doubtful, it’s better to get your tests done to protect yourself from these sexual health problems. These tests would protect not only you but also your partner from getting any STDs. You should have knowledge about the common STDs, their occurrence and their prevention. This will help you protect your sexual health. There are also groups and companies which provide free testing which is also kept  confidential.

Various Ways Of Std Screening For Men


HIV TestOne of the most dreadful STDs is HIV. It is usually tested by a blood test. An oral swab test is also done in which the cells from inside the mouth are taken Then tests are done in the laboratory.

Screening is important, as awareness of the infection is necessary for any treatment to be given.


Chlamydia ScreeningThis STD screening is done by doing a physical examination. Also taking a urine sample or a sample from the cervix of a woman or penis of a man and even the vagina or anus and performing the tests on them. A urine test may also be done.

Genital Herpes

 This is a viral infection which is transmitted very easily like any other viral infection. Even when you do not have any symptoms or knowledge of the occurrence of this STD it can be transmitted.

If blisters are present, a test can be done from their tissue scraping. Sometimes blood test is also done. Test is also done from the fluid of a sore or blister. But none of the tests give very clear results.


This is Human Papiloma Virus. It causes genital warts. It doesn’t have any specific test for men, but in women it can be tested by taking cells from the cervix.

This infection occurs very easily in people having multiple sex partners, but symptoms are usually not present. HPV may lead to cancer so it should be tested and treated. Vaccines are also available for HPV for both men and women.


Gonorrhea testingIt is one of the most infectious STD that are reported. Pus like discharge occurs from the urethra and also frequent urination. The discharge is taken from the urethra or vagina for testing. Also cells of the penis, or cervix and also anus are taken. Urine test may also be done.

You should get screening done annually if you are sexually active. Treatment is very important as it can lead to severe conditions, which may even cause infertility. It even makes you more prone to other infections like HIV.