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5 Ways To Prevent Losing Hair

Ways To Prevent Losing Hair

[toc]Apart from body and skin, one needs to truly work and put in efforts in keeping the hair healthy. However, with increasing external and internal factors, there have been major issues among the population for hair loss. Losing hair seems to be one of the prevalent and frequently occuring crises that a lot of people complain about. 

The best decision to be made here is to use tips and ideas that can prevent this situation rather than treatment when it occurs. Prevention will ensure that you don’t have to face the negative impacts on the hair. This guide below will tell you how to move in the right direction:

5 Ways To Prevent Losing Hair

Adhere To Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Losing Hair

One of the reasons why there is hairfall is the unhealthy eating habits and lack of nutrients in the body. This only means that if you stick to a nutrient rich meal each day, it will keep the scalp healthy and regulate the functions of the hair follicles.

It will also promote growth and strengthen the roots of the hair thus preventing hair loss. Adhere to loads of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, lentils and seeds for example. Also, stay away from processed foods, sugary foods and fatty items.

Have Plenty Of Water

Drink water

Water is one of the best and the simplest ways in which dirt, toxins and bacteria can be flushed from the scalp and the hair. These are a few reasons why people face hair loss.

Having about 10 glasses of water each day along with other healthy liquids like herbal teas and fresh fruit juices will help in getting you hydration for the scalp and promotion of the hair follicles thus keeping hair loss at bay.

Manage Stress

Yoga To Prevent Losing Hair

Stress is a killer not only for body health but also for skin and hair. It leads to a lot of problems that you can’t even think about including severe hair loss. To ensure that you can prevent this situation completely, try and manage the stress with relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing and meditation.

Any activity that helps in reducing tension can be used. Herein, aromatherapy and proper rest and sleep also plays an integral part. Apart from this there are people who say that recreational activities give them that stress free scenario.

Treatment From Hot Oil

Coconut Oil To Prevent Losing Hair

Take any oils from olive to coconut or canola oil for a hot oil treatment at regular intervals. This is known to prevent the occurence of hair loss. Make sure you only heat it a little and it shouldn’t be very hot.

This should be gently massaged on the hair strands and the scalp and left for about 1-2 hours covered with a shower cap. Clean the hair with a mild shampoo. This should be repeated every week for best results.

Give Them Antioxidants

Green Tea

A good way for the prevention of hair loss is to give them the required amount of antioxidants. This can be done by application of some warm green tea on the scalp and the hair strands. This should be left for one hour and then rinsed. Not only will it prevent the problem but also help in hair growth on a considerable basis.

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